REVIEW: Echoes of You by Margaret McHeyzer

Published: 18th May 2020

Publisher: Self-published

Pages: 489

Format: Ebook (courtesy of the author for review)

RRP: $4.99 AUD

4/5 Stars

At seven I was adopted by the most loving parents in the world.
In this perfect family, I also found my best friend, and sister Tina.
Throw into the mix my boyfriend Dylan, and my dog Zhen, life was good… until it wasn’t.
A catastrophic incident unearthed echoes of my past.
It left me no choice but to confront my inner demons.
Will I be able to live through this again?


When my ARC of Echoes of You arrived on my kindle, I knew four things:

  1. I needed to clear my schedule to race through all 489 pages of this book (because I wanted to read it straight away!).
  2. I was going to cry. (Mcheyzer always makes me cry).
  3. I was going to have the mother of all book hangovers when I finished this book.
  4. I needed tissues and all the comfort food I could handle for the evitable fallout that was coming my way.

In case you were wondering, I was correct on all points.

Margaret McHeyzer is a GOD among mortals when it comes to hard-hitting contemporary novels. So, if you are anything like me – an emotional reader – I highly suggest you prepare, because you are in for one hell of a ride with Echoes of You. (I ran out of chocolate before the books end. Don’t be like me. )

Echoes of You is not an easy read, and because of that, this book isn’t going to appeal to everyone. It is, however, a powerful book; full of emotion, pain, suffering, and glimpses of hope. It’s a book about family, trust and the decisions we make. It’s a book you need to EXPERIENCE to understand it’s value, heart and soul. For that reason, I can’t really talk in detail about the narrative itself. Except to say, do your self a favour and read this book!

While the subject matter dealt with in Echoes of You is heavy, Mcheyzer has cleverly crafted a sophisticated and sincere novel that speaks to the heart. The characters, the situations and the outcomes are all treated sensitively. You feel their pain, insecurity and confusion. You yearn for their happy ever after and you swear at McHeyzer and some of the characters for doing what they do!

Although this book has a large page count, every one of those 489 pages flies by. With the use of a provoking prologue, followed by compelling characters that inspire you to reach through the page to look after them, McHeyzer’s characters suck you in real fast. You want, no NEED to know what is happening and race to reveal the twists and turns of McHeyzer’s story. So much so, that I read this book in pretty much two sittings over the course of two days.  The story is just so compelling and the writing clever, that you won’t want to put it down for long.

Reading a Margaret McHeyzer book is always a unique experience, this holds especially true when it comes to this particular book, Echoes of You. I do highly recommend this book, but I also wish to warn people that need trigger warnings, that this book is not going to be for you. It’s rough, it’s real life, but it’s brilliant.


To purchase a copy of Echoes of you by Margaret Mcheyzer, visit the following online retailers:

Amazon AUS | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA

To learn more about Margaret Mcheyzer, visit the following social media pages:

Margaret McHeyzer’s Website | Facebook Page | Facebook Profile | Facebook Group | Twitter | Instagram


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