REVIEW: Bluey My Dad Is Awsome (Father’s Day Book)


Published: 4th August 2020

Publisher: Puffin Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House Australia

Pages: 48

Format: Small Hardback/Paper pages) (ARC supplied by the publisher for review. All opinions are my own).

RRP: $16.99

4/5 Stars

Based on the hit ABC KIDS TV show!

Everyone loves Bandit, especially Bluey and Bingo! Find out what makes this true blue dad so special in this hilarious and heartwarming book. A gorgeous hardback book that will make the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Bluey has been a phenomenal success since airing on ABC KIDS in October 2018, amassing legions of dedicated fans and hugely popular ranges of books, toys, clothes, games and more. It holds the coveted position of being the most watched program ever on ABC iView, with over 260 million plays for Series One, and is the winner of an International Emmy for Most Outstanding Children’s Programme.

My Dad Is Awesome is the newest addition to the Bluey book universe, and its a super sweet book celebrating the bond between father and child.

Told through the eyes of Bluey and Bingo, and with bickering narration as the pair fight over whose turn it is to tell their stories about Dad, My Dad Is Awesome is an original and somewhat unique addition to the Father’s Day Book line up for 2020. While it’s not unusual to find a book celebrating Dad’s, what is unusual is the way in which this book is more of a conversational list of Dad’s best qualities, and some of his weaknesses told by his children as they break the fourth wall. There’s not a great deal of story or narrative here, but rather Bluey and Bingo are explaining their Dad’s best features, all the reasons they love him, and some of their favourite activities with him. There is a mix of unique, but seemingly universal qualities that make sure that My Dad Is Awesome will not only reach a wide audience, but all children and Father’s alike can recognise themselves between the pages.

The text used is simple and conversational. Bluey and Bingo are chatting back-and-forth with the reader and each other as they tell their tales. The font used is clear and easy to read, with bold lettering used to promote potentially new words to young readers, and keywords that are more likely to appeal to them (for example, ‘stinky’, ‘play’, ‘strong’ etc).

Keeping with the Bluey trademark, the illustrations are bright and colourful with mostly plain backgrounds utilised in order to not overwhelm. The illustrators have worked hard to both embody, but not overshadow the key messages and story of Dad’s best qualities and traits as perceived by Bluey and Bingo, and the many reasons that they love him wholeheartedly.

The one slight negative I have to say about My Dad Is Awesome relates to the composition of the book. Unlike the remaining stories in the Bluey Universe (the activity books are all softbound covers and pages), My Dad Is Awesome is a hardcover book with paper pages. While I understand this is a book aimed as a present, and thus it’s an adult novelty book intended to be a gift to Dad from a child (and followers the novelty structure of hardback and paper pages, it seems weird not to still include the board book pages. I can see kids so excited to be reading this with Dad, that pages are torn easily. It just seems an odd choice personally.

My Dad Is Awesome would make a great Father’s day present, and is a unique and welcome addition to the 2020 Father’s Day book line up.


To purchase a copy of My Dad Is Awesome, visit the following online retailers:



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