BLOGMAS Day 6: Getting into the Christmas Spirit 2020 Style

2020 has been a rough year for many of us, so today I want to share some tips and tricks to make sure we all find our Christmas Spirit this year.

With the pandemic still running rife through the world, Christmas is going to look a little different this year. With masks, social distancing and even lockdowns there are still ways to find your Christmas Spirit that won’t break the bank or involve unnecessary public outings (for those still in lockdown).

Read Festive Books

If you are anything like me, every year you have grand plans to read all the festive books and simply run out of time. Well this year, I think we all need to make sure we make the time to read these books. 2020 has been full of ups and down, and it’s about time we let ourselves celebrate even just a little with some awesome festive books. I’ve pictured some of my faves and a few I’m hoping to read this month as well.

Both iBooks and Amazon have a heaps of free and discounted Christmas books to get you started if your looking to try and read a few this year.

 Watch Christmas Movies and TV Shows

Netflix, Stan, Disney+, Binge and free to air TV is busy bumping up their platforms with every festive movie and TV show they can find at the moment. Sure some of them are cheesy (most) and cringeworthy (a couple), but they will put a smile on your face and reignite your Christmas Spirit. I’m particularly looking forward to watching Dash & Lily, the new Netflix TV series based on the books this year.

Advent Calendars aren’t just for kids

Celebrate the festive countdown with an advent calendar … or two or three in my case. With a plethora of advent calendars available now, advents calendars are no longer just for kids. Ranging from whiskey to wine, chocolates, lego, tea, socks, Christmas decorations and the epic looking Spark & Sparrow’s bookish (and candle) advent calendar there are options to suit almost everyone needs. Sometimes just the anticipation of Christmas is enough to fill you with excitable Christmas cheer.

Dig out your Christmas Wardrobe

I know this option isn’t for everyone, but December is finally here and we can wear all the Christmas themed things! With most shops selling Christmas shirts, earrings/Jewellery and even Christmas socks there is something out there that could be a little pep in your step this year. I think a lot of people discount Christmas shirts and bling, but when you see someone out and about wearing them you can’t help but smile. Christmas spirit is contagious afterall!

Listen to your favourite carols

Carols drive me nuts a lot of the time, but the second we hit December they are fair game. So find a Christmas playlist on Spotify or YouTube and listen to it as you go about your normal tasks, before you know it you will be singing along!

I know I shared my favourite yesterday, but I’m sharing it again because it just makes me so happy!

Donate to Charity

Christmas is about giving and 2020 has been hard on everyone, so why not donate to the less fortunate this year.

Decorate your space

Whether you live alone or in a share house, there are thousands of ways to make your space festive. On top of the usual Christmas tree, why not try out a holiday soap in the bathroom? A small ornament on a bookcase? For those with the space and the bookcases large enough, why not try to build your own book Christmas tree! Pictured below is one I built a few years back.

Fair warning though, while I loved building it and it was beautiful to look at, I hated trying to get all those books back on my shelves!

Indulge in the festive baking

Try your hand at baking this Christmas and treat yourself and your friends to some homemade Christmas treats. It doesn’t have to be anything tricky like a Gingerbread House (I can never get the walls to stay straight), but shortbread cookies, rocky road and rum balls always go down a treat.

Remember to treat ‘yo self

Whether it’s using a bath bomb or the aforementioned Christmas soap, eating festive snacks, or indulging in some Christmas crafts, remember to take care of yourself this Christmas. 2020 has been tough and were all looking for something to celebrate. This time of the year can get incredibly stressful, so take some time out for yourself and allow yourself to breathe.

Let me know your tips and tricks for igniting your Christmas Spirit this year? 

2 thoughts on “BLOGMAS Day 6: Getting into the Christmas Spirit 2020 Style

  1. Ally says:

    Just like you said, I like to bring out my xmas jewellery – which consists mainly of earrings that have brightly coloured bells on them. Also I had to fight so hard not buy the Disney sock advent calendar! It looked sooo goooood but I needed to save money 😭

    • Jess says:

      The sock advent calendar is super soft; I got so excited yesterday when I got to open the first door!
      I love xmas earrings and own so many different ones.

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