BLOGMAS Day 24: Fave New-To-Me Authors in 2020

Today I’m recapping some of my favourite new-to-me authors that I discovered in 2020.This list is by no means an extensive list of every new-to-me author I discovered this year, but rather a list of my faves and the ones whose writing, books and characters left a lasting imprint on me.

Initially I planned this post to include one new-to-me favourite author for each month of this year. But as we all know, 2020 went to hell in a basket, and I didn’t read for months on end. Instead, today’s post is the top seven new-to-me authors that I discovered this year.

Tessa Dare: If I had to choose an author that embodied my reading tastes in 2020, I think it would have to be Tessa Dare. I read four books by Tessa Dare this year, and I can’t wait to read a bunch more.

Anne Gracie: I finally read The Perfect Rake this year, loved it and then went and ordered the rest of the series in paperback pronto. I’m hoping to read them next year.

TJ Klune: Like the rest of the world, I read The House in the Cerulean Sea this year and was totally blown away. I own The Extraordinaries and am hoping to read it next year.

Ruth Ware: I listened to the audiobook of The Turn of The Key earlier this year and this book totally creeped me out in the best ways. It left me guessing right to the very end (despite thinking I thought I knew what was going to happen a couple of times)  with such suspenseful plot twists and ending. The audiobook narration by Imogen Church was terrifyingly brilliant … months later I still get freaked out by the way she said ‘creak’ and created the suspense.

Ella Maise: The first and only book I read in January this year was Marriage for One. One hundred and thirty-something books later, this book is still a highlight of my reading year and I absolutely adored this story and Maise’s writing.

Kate Stewart: Every since I read the first book in the series I’ve been dying to read the second one and Stewart’s entire backlist. This book was so easy and fun to read, with a romance that felt authentic and honest. The characters were relatable and it was just everything I could have hoped it was.

Kristen Granata: I know I only read this book last week, but Dear Santa did a number on me and I’ve one-clicked Granata’s backlist because of it. I’m hoping to read more of her books in 2021 because I loved this book. I love the fake dating trope, combine that will a well written and authentic romance, and this book was absolutely a winner for me.


Let me know in the comments the new-to-you authors you discovered this year, so that I can make sure I read their books ASAP as well.





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