BLOGMAS Day 29: 21 Bookish Creators You Should Follow in 2020

In 2021, I’ve discovered so many amazing new (to me) bookish creators whose content I absolutely adore and consume practically daily.  I live and breathe books non-stop, so to find people who are just as passionate, and whose content has kept me sane this past year, brings me so much joy. So when I sat down to plan out my Blogmas 2020 posts in advance, I knew I needed to include a shout out of sorts to some of the amazing bookish creators out there. The three lists that follow (bloggers, booktubers and bookstagramers) are creators who I adore, and think you should all follow in 2021. The list is by no means extensive (I had to limit myself to 21 in total) and I follow hundreds of people across every platform!


Lost In A Good Book  In full disclosure, Amy is one of my best friends. We started blogging together while at university and share so many bookish adventures together. Earlier this month I was able to co-write a blog post with Amy for Blogmas (on our favourite picture books) and I absolutely loved the experience. Amy’s blog focuses on a wide array of genres, with reviews, discussion posts and picture book reviews regularly posted.

Ally’s Appraisal’s – In full disclosure again, Ally is one of my best friends again, but you totally need to check out her blog for everything pop culture related. I love her blog and how it’s evolved over the years. In 2021 Ally is hosting the Historical Romance Bingo Challenge, so if you love Historical romance, I highly recommend you check that out.

Book’d Out – Shelleyrae from Book’d Out is one of my all time favourite bloggers. I’ve been following her blog for years, and it is part of the reason why I started blogging in the first place. She reads almost every genre and is just a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things books. I highly recommend you follow her blog if you don’t already!

A Book Escape – I only discovered Alana in the last couple of days (technically she found me) but I really love her blog. Her reviews are short and sweet (what I aspire mine to be) and she covers a wide range of genres. She is also an Aussie and new to the blogging world so go and show her some love.

Theresa Smith Writes – This is another Aussie blogger I’ve been subscribed to for a long time and adore this blog. Theresa writes the most insightful and detailed reviews across a wide range of genres and I’ve picked up a number of books by her recommendations in the past.

Cathryn Hein – I adore Cathryn Hein’s books and her blog is just as good. I love reading her Tuesday Teasers, guest posts, blogging challenges and book wrap up/recommendations. Her passion and affection for the book world shine through so strongly in everything she does.

Australian Women Writers Challenge The Australian Women Writers Challenge is an annual reading challenge where you challenge yourself to read and review books written by Australian women authors. I’ve loved this challenge for years and haven’t shouted out the blog for a while, so I’m well over due. The blog is a great way to get snippets about books making waves with readers and reviewers each month across a number of genres and sub-categories. It’s a great introduction to Australian writers and I highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t done so already.


In Love and Words – Bree is a romance reader with really beautiful videos. I’ve taken a lot of her reading recommendations recently and found some books I never would have picked up on my own. She posts fairly regularly with a mix of reading wrap ups a couple of times a month, as well as readathons, live chats, unboxings and just really quality content.

Zoe’s All Booked –  Zoe is a Canadian booktuber who reads a bit of everything. I love how down to earth she is and her content is always hilarious. She vlogged NaNoWriMo this year, as well as her bookshelf redo, readathons, and her extravagant TBR’s (she challenge herself to read 40 books back in September!).

Pages with Paige – Paige is a small Aussie booktuber who I’ve found more recently, but whose content I love. She is laid back and chill, but reads a wide range of genres and age groups. I’ve picked up many recommendations from her Seven on Sundays videos and readathons videos.

Booked and Busy –  I discovered Booked and Busy when she posted her Royal Readathon announcement earlier this year and I’ve been hooked every since. If your looking to find someone passionate, with so much energy and enthusiasm, then she is your girl.

How To Train Your Gavin – OMG Gavin’s videos are hilarious. I think he is one of the most energetic and passionate people I follow on youtube, while also being extremely informative. His videos focus predominately on middle grade and he hosts the Believeathon readathon that I participated in earlier this year.  I love his author interviews, and would never have found some of my favourite middle grade reads of this year if it wasn’t for him!

Jaderaereads – I’m not going to lie, I look for Jade’s vlogs every week. I’ve picked up a number of books based soley on her reviews and vlogs, and have learnt about so many readathons because of her. I’m trash for her Trivial Pursuit TBR videos and because of her and Becca’s readalongs, I’m finally read Victoria Schwab/V.E. Schwab this year.

Becca and the Books – Becca is another booktuber that I will stop everything for when she posts a new video. She reads a bit of everything, but we share a love for fae romances and I’ve gained so many recommendations based on her reviews. She used Bookapoly to choose her TBR each monthly and recently branched it out into a major readathon this year. It was so much fun using her specially made boards for the readathon and seeing what she experiences every month when she picks her TBR.

*Majority of this list are American (2) and British (3) booktubers, with only one Aussie among this mix. While I do follow a fair few more Aussies on youtube, I recently discovered this list by Novel Tea Corner where I’ll be subscribing to a lot more.



Rate The Romance – as an avid romance lover, this Instagram account is one of my recent favourites! Emilie loves to engage with her followers and creates such amazing templates and community themed shares to promote everything we love about romance. Be warned though, this account, especially if you follow the hashtag will triple your TBR as you add books you learn about.

Bowtiesandbooks – I love Jesse’s content. They are so original, fresh and just brilliant. Discovering their channel earlier this year was one of the best bookish things I did all year.

Offthebookpages – is a small online indie bookstore in South Australia. Started this year, this specaialised store is opening up markets for Aussie readers that was previously extremely hard to get.

Nanamalonewriter – I swear Nana Malone has the best mug collections. A best selling author by trade, her instagram account is full of positivity, smiles and everything awesome about the book community.

Laceybooklovers – Lacey is one of my go to romance booktubers, and I swear it was fangirl down when she responded to something I posted earlier this year. I love her instagram and buy and read so many of her romance recommendations, especially her historical romances. Her insta aesthetic is everything.

Myonnareads her instagram is literally picture perfect. I adore her youtube videos as she is not afraid to say how everything is; it makes me trust her opinion on books so much more and I can’t wait to read more of her recommendations in 2021.

Hardback Hoarder – Another youtube I’ve been following for ages now, but her book photos are life. I love the aesthetic and her library is what dreams are made off.


Let me know in the comments any bloggers, booktubers, bookstagrammers you think I should follow in 2021!


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