REVIEW: Promised Land by Adam Reynolds & Chaz Harris, Illustrated by Christine Luiten & Bo Moore


Published: 14th February 2017

Publisher: Self Published via Kickstarter campaign

Pages: 37

Format: Hardcover Picture book (Borrowed from a friend)

RRP: $30 (Hardback)/ $9.99 (ebook)

5/5 Stars

When a young Prince and a farm boy meet in the forest, a growing friendship between them blossoms into love. However, when the Queen re-marries, her sinister new husband seeks control of the enchanted forest and the land the farm boy’s family are responsible for protecting.

In a Kingdom where all are considered equal regardless of what they look like or who they love, Promised Land is a brand new fairytale about friendship, responsibility, adventure and love.

Written by Adam Reynolds & Chaz Harris it features 32 stunning illustrations by Christine Luiten & Bo Moore sure to delight kids young and old.

Every now and then a picture book captures me completely off guard and Promised Land by Adam Reynolds and Chaz Harris and illustrated by Christine Luiten and Bo Moore certaintly did that.  I read this book years ago (five years ago to be exact according to Goodreads) and yet this story and it’s illustrations remain strongly with me to this day.

Promised Land is a beautiful picture book about the relationship between  Prince Leo and farm boy Jack. I adored the twist on the ‘traditional’ fairytale representation and found this book to be so poignant, adorable, and so wholesomely sweet. Featuring characters from a variety of different backgrounds, social classes and sexualities, I highly recommend you seek Promised Land out ASAP.

Despite being a relatively short book, Promised Land is an encompassing story about two boyhood friends from very different worlds who fall in love. I loved witnessing the pair’s organic relationship and seeing how their friendship and love for each other shaped their personalities. I also really appreciated the strong female leads, who didn’t need any saving, and the ally-ship they show Leo and Jack throughout the picture book. 

Christine Luiten and Bo Moore’s illustrations were masterpieces honestly. I love the classic fairytale style (see the borders) and the overall feel of the stunning illustrations. Vibrant in depth, colour, meaning and hope, each double-page spread easily captured your attention and filled my soul with joy as I took them all in.

Through Promised Land, Reynolds, Harris, Luiten and Moore have identified a huge hole in the children’s book market. Not only is this book stunning for its various representations, but it’s a visual masterpiece that will live on long after the final page has been turned. 

Promised Land is the first book in the Promised Land Tales series. 


To purchase a copy of Promised Land, visit the following onlines retailers:

Promised Land StoreAmazon AUS | Amazon US | Book Depository |

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