Mid Year Book Freak Out 2021

The Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag was originally co-created by Earl Grey Books and Chami back in 2016 as a means to check in on your bookish goals and the books you’ve read so far this year. It has since become a booklovers staple and I love the hard-hitting (how the hell do choose just one book?) questions that make you take stock on what you’ve read this year and really reflect on your reading tastes and bookish opinions.

At the time of posting this, I have read sixty-four (64) books for the year so far and am well on my way to hitting my Goodreads goal of 100 books. Although my reading and blogging has been up and down dramatically in 2021, I finally feel a tiny bit like myself and like I’m making progress on my 2021 reading and blogging goals. As this post is going to be detailing the best (and worst) books I’ve read this year so far, I’ll be posting another post later in the month detailing my various challenges and how I’m tracking with them so far.

1. Best book you’ve read so far this year.

This book … was perfect. I unexpectedly cried whilst reading it (in more than one place) and I just loved everything about it.

2. Best sequel you’ve read so far this year.

Looking back through the books I’ve read this year so far, but only read further than the first book in two series: Bridgerton by Julia Quinn; The Barginer by Laura Thalassa and Heartstopper by Alice Oseman. I’ve loved almost every book in all of these series, but I’m ultimately choosing this one.

3. New release you haven’t read yet, but want to.

4. Most anticipated release for the second half of the year.

5. Biggest disappointment.

As a huge Beauty & The Beast fan I expected myself to fall in love with Lorelei Johnson’s fairytale retelling, but it just didn’t do it for me. I always struggle with novella formats, so maybe that was it? I also equally struggled to with Maid for Love by Marie Force, a bookclub read that was too insta-romancy for me to get behind fully. Neither of these books were horrible, they just weren’t for me.

6. Biggest surprise.

I was blown away by this memoir by Samatha Memoir. Part business story, part inspirational, part memoir, there was a lot of unpack and love about this title. I highly recommend listening to the audiobook if you can find a copy; it’s brilliant.

7. Favourite new author. (Debut or new to you)

I’ve read a bunch of new-to-me authors this year. But in order to me a new favourite for me, I have to have read and loved more than one of the author’s books. So I’m going with Nicola Moriarty.

8. Newest fictional crush.

Lord Ian Mackenzie from The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie by Jennifer Ashley. It’s my most read (I finished it this morning!) and I love his character.

9. Newest favourite character.

I know I said I wouldn’t use a book more than once … but there is a reason this one was my fave… so I’m choosing Georgia from Loveless by Alice Oseman.

10. Book that made you cry.

I felt all the emotions with this book … including crying.

11. Book that made you happy.

Kylie Scott’s writing is *chef’s kiss*. The books are light, they make me laugh, but they also hold substance and have swoon worthy romances. What’s not to love?

12. Most beautiful book you’ve bought so far this year (or received).

13. What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

All of them!

Let me know what your favourite book of the year so far is in the comments below 🙂

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