August 2021 Un-Haul

So yesterday I posted about my plans to start un-hauling books more regularly to avoid book anxiety (of never being able to read all the books I want to) and to better manage my overflowing shelves. With that in mind, I thought I might share my first ever un-haul with you today.

I was brutal when going through some of my bookshelves and challenged myself to un-haul at least twenty books this time, and am pleased to announce that I managed to un-haul a total of thirty-two books in total! Most of them are Young Adult titles, and series at that, so I will need to focus on hitting my adult fiction titles next for my un-haul.

The Mortal Instruments, and indeed Cassandra Clare as an extension, is a hugely popular YA/fantasy series/author with every blogger, booktuber, reader etc loving this series to the ends of the world and back. When I initially read these books back in 2011, I binged the first four books back to back in a matter of days. I was obsessed with the world building, the characters and just Clare’s writing. But somewhere along the lines, I started to feel like the storylines were being repeated and I just couldn’t do it anymore. When putting this post together, I released I was so close to finishing the series, having only the sixth book City of Heavenly Fire left to go in the initial series … which kind of makes me want to hold on to it; but I know I won’t pick it up. I’ve had the book for seven years already afterall. I’ve been told by fellow bloggers and close friends that The Infernal Devices series is better and well worth a read … but for now I’m saying goodbye to this series and donating the books to readers who could still enjoy them.

The Last Summer (of You and Me) by Anne Brashares was an okay read for me back in 2008, but I doubt it would hold up on a second read. To be honest, I kind of forgot this book even existed until I stumbled across it and was like ‘oh’. I loved Brashares’ Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants series back in the day, and have since un-hauled my very read and falling apart copies of those books. So it’s time for this book to be passed along as well.

Another controversial un-haul would be the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. My paperbacks have been through the ringer. I remember getting the books just before the hype took off in Australia and then sharing them amongst my close friends as they were sold out everywhere (and then subsequently seeing the movies at their midnight releases). I’ve read and re-read this series a lot, and no longer feel the need to own these, or read them again. I was holding on to these books for nostalgia reasons, as each book has such strong memories and emotions attached with them, but if I won’t reread them again, and they aren’t some of my all time favourite books, they are just taking up space and I don’t need them. I have however kept Midnight Sun, which released not that long ago and I haven’t read. It’s chunky! But I will hopefully read it in the not so distant future.

I feel horrible saying this, but I’ve lost interest in reading the Wings series by Aprilynne Pike and so I’m moving on this entire series and Sleep No More. These books released back when this was all the rage in Young Adult; I was younger and obsessed with everything I get my hands on, but years later, I haven’t picked these books up as of yet, and realistically probably never will, so they are being rehomed.

To be fair, I haven’t yet read the Breathing series by Rebecca Donovan, but I won a second set in a massive giveaway years ago, so I’m passing this set on to a friend to read. Same goes with Turtles All the Way Down by John Green. This book was a bit hit and miss for the YA community, but I really loved it at the time, and I still have my copy. I accidentally got sent a second copy, and so this one is being passed on to a friend as well. Upright Women Wanted by Sarah Gailey was a three-star read for me, and while I enjoyed it, I won’ reread this novella. It’s harder to track down, so this one I’m considering selling as opposed to putting it in a street library, but either way I’m moving it on.

They may have released at the height of YA Angels and Demons phase, but there was something so enticing about the Fallen series by Lauren Kate. I can vividly recall reading these books after getting a recommendation from one of the reps at work. I raced through each and everyone of the books and was held captive trying to work out what way it was going to end. To be honest, out of all of these books so far, this has been the hardest series to let go. I have the hardbacks and I just remember really enjoying these books … but I won’t ever reread them again, so I’m passing them on as well. For the time being I have held on to Unforgiven, as I haven’t read it yet and I’m really intrigued by it. Don’t be surprised if you see it in my Blogmas post about books I need to read or let go in 2022.

And lastly, I’m un-hauling second copies I have of these two adult fiction titles as I don’t need more than one copy. I realise that these are the only adult books on this list, and will be making much more of an effort next time to un-haul more adult titles.

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