BOOK TAG TUESDAY: The First Time Book Tag

Today I’m taking a trip down memory lane and revealing my bookish firsts. This tag was created by April over at Getting Hygge With It and originally posted on the 2nd of August 2021. As always feel free to consider yourself tagged and answer the questions in the comments below. I’d love to read your answers!

1. Sorry, not sorry. The first book that you could NOT stop gushing about.

This is such a great question. The first book I fell in love with as a teen was When You Wake & Find Me Gone by Maureen McCarthy and while that book had a huge impact on me, I didn’t have anyone to talk books with or a platform in which to tell the world about it. So I’m going with Saving Wishes by G. J. Walker-Smith.

2. Thank you, next. The first book you wish you had DNF’d.

Grace by Robert Drewe. I should have loved this book … but I just didn’t and it was such a struggle to read it. I HAVE to finish everything, so it took me months to finish this book, but if there was ever a time I would have DNF’d a book, it would have been this one.

3. Working wonders. The first book that helped you through something hard in your life.

I read for a lot of different reasons, so potentially any piece of fiction helped me through something hard. That said, I can’t remember the first book that specifically helped me through something specific. I did however give The Comfort Book by Matt Haig five starts more recently and it was the perfect book for me to read atm and helped me process and gave me perspective on some things that I am currently dealing with.

4. Don’t turn out the lights! The first book that gave you chills.

I remember reading The Woman in Black by Susan Hill in high school for english. As someone who strictly read contemporaries, and romances at that, back then, this was not necessarily a book on my radar or one I was remotely looking forward to read. I remember having to read it late at night and being absoutely terrified of the spooky setting.

5. Can I get my time back please? The first book that made you angry.

You know what … I honestly can not remember what the first book to make me angry was. Actually it was probably one of those first readers you HAD to read for school, that was boring as bat shit and just about crap.

6. Out of comfort zone. The first book that made you fall in love with a genre you’d never really explored before.

After The Darkness by Honey Brown. This book made me a long time fan of Honey Brown, but it also made me aware that I LOVE psychological thrillers. I read this book back in 2012 and I still rave about it so many years later. Might even be time for a sneaky re-read.

7. Mirror image. The first book that made you feel known.

Anne of Green Gables by L.M.Montgomery. As a child I loved to read and write. I was writing ‘novels’ in my spare time and I can clearly remember thinking that everyone did that. So when I read Anne of Green Gables all those years ago, and found Anne, a redheaded heronine who loved to read and wanted to be an author, I found my kindred spirit. Years later this is still one of my all time favourite books.

8. Hop aboard the way back machine. The first book you reviewed on your blog.

Looking back through date stamps the first book I reviewed on this blog was Between The Lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer. In case you were wondering I gave it 4/5 Stars and I do still have quite fond memories of this book.

If you made it to the end of this post, let me know in the comments below what the first book you couldn’t stop gushing about back in the day 🙂

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