Goodbye 2021; Hello 2022

As life would have it, the new year flew in and last year faded into memory with little fanfare in my household. While I’m personally grateful to see the back of 2021, I’m side eying 2022 making sure no ‘funny’ business happens and hoping we can have some sense of normalcy back. Not sure if I trust the new year yet, but only time will tell.

As you may have noticed, it’s been quite on the blog with my posts stopping mid-December during Blogmas. While I had every intention of smashing out all 31 posts of Blogmas (seriously you do not want to see the amount of wasted planning that went into Blogmas; I am so disappointed with myself); life had other plans and I had no option but to abandon Blogmas and indeed the blog for a break. Working in retail was draining during the festive period without my added complications of chronic hand pain that I contend with every day.

But all of that is in the past (sort of) with the start of a new year, and I’m back. Over the next two weeks, you will see almost daily posts of my end of year content, much of what was meant to be part of Blogmas 2021 and 2022 startup content. It’s late, but it’s only January and I’m hoping to have things better organised this year so that my chronic pain doesn’t interfere too much with the week to week running of the blog.

I’ve missed reading and blogging for most of the past two years and am looking forward to a brighter, more productive and consistent 2022.

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