2022 Goals & Aspirations

Much like last year, I’m keeping my reading goals low key this year and carrying on many of the same goals.

Reading Goals:

My reading goals for this year are fairly simple, I’d like to:

  • read 100 + books.
  • read more of my owned physical TBR (aka read my own shelves)
  • read more diversely (seek out representation)
  • actually read of my 2022 5-Star Prediction books
  • read at least 5 classics throughout the year
  • read at least 3 non-fiction titles throughout the year; Ideally read one a month though
  • utilise my reading bullet journal as much as possible to stay organised and catalogue my progress for all points above)

Blogging Aspirations:

This year I would like to be:

  • be more consistent
  • participate in more readathons
  • actively engage with the book community more
  • post to social media more regularly
  • bring up my NetGalley percentage
  • aim to write at 100 reviews in 2022
  • scheduling posts in advance
  • dedicate June to Pride Month
  • Pre-schedule Blogmas (31 posts)

Reading Challenges:

I’m just going to name my five priority reading challenges here, but I do have a more in-depth post coming tomorrow regarding the reading challenges themselves.

Let me know what your 2022 reading goals & aspirations are in the comments below.

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