REVIEW: Learn My Lesson by Katee Robert (Wicked Villians Series Book Two)

Published: 22nd October 2019

Publisher: Trinkets & Tales LLC (Self-published)

Pages: 253

Format: Paperback (owned TBR/Purchased before the start of 2022)

RRP: $23.09

2.5/5 Stars

A single night with Meg and I’m willing to do anything to save her from Hades, the man holding her captive, victim to his every whim.

A bargain with the devil himself seems a small price to pay in order for Meg to go free… Until I learn that she’s exactly where she wants to be.

She’s Queen to Hades’s King.

And I’m the fool that walked right into their trap.

The same fool who desires them both as much as I hate them. I can’t resist Meg’s touch—or stop from being drawn to Hades’s dark desires. By the time I realize just how deep a game he’s playing, it may be too late…

For all of us.

She’s the most priceless thing in my life, the one person I could never replace, not even if I searched the world over. I knew she was unhappy, but for her trust to have broken down this far stalls my breath in my chest. I will reclaim our relationship. Hercules will help me, whether he realizes it or not. He’s helping even now, lancing a wound that we’ve both spent years pretending didn’t exist.

Learn My Lesson by Katee Robert is the second book in her best-selling Wicked Villians series. The series as a whole is a twisted version of the much-loved Disney fairytales, where the villain becomes our hero through an erotic (BDSM) romance story. While I enjoyed Desperate Measures (book one: Jafar & Jasmine), I was also deeply conflicted by the twisted nature of the romance and struggled to remove the ‘icky’ factor of Jafar as I read the novel. As a huge fan of the Hades & Persephone lore and mythology in general, I thought Learn My Lesson was going to be a five-star read for me without a doubt. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be; but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth a read, or that you might not love this book yourself.

You are destined to be a Queen, not some man’s pawn.

I loved Robert’s characterisation of Megaera in Desperate Measures, and knew it wouldn’t take much for me to fall for Hades, after all Neon Gods by Katee Robert was one of my favourite reads of 2021, so I KNEW she could write Hades well … so I thought Hercules might be my stumbling block in this tale. As it turns out, Hercules was easy to fall in love with … his innocence, fierce loyalty and unbridled desires make him something rare in a world of unhanded scheming, brokering deals and dark power. Megaera, as expected was intriguing, a woman drenched in mystery and surprise, always leaving you wanting that little bit more … and Hades … oh, Hades. Hades left me empty. He was a shell of a character, with some motivation and emotion, but his commanding personality doesn’t allow for even the reader to be let in, and as such the book suffers.

There was so much about this book that I was desperately looking forward to. For starters, Katee Robert’s writing is always a delight. I knew it was something I could find myself immersed in within minutes and be transported to the world of Olympus and the rollicking good times. This time was no different, despite my qualms about the characters and plot (more on that shortly), I ultimately enjoyed Robert’s storytelling and world-building. I love being in her world and seeing glimpses of characters we know and love, twisted and turned on their heads slightly. I love guessing what’s going to happen next and seeing the small bread crumbs Robert’s leaves for future books.

I was also equally intrigued by the polyamorous relationship … how it would work, how the dom and sub play would work within the relationship and club given the complicated relationship these characters have with each other, and how an established relationship of ten years can survive the transition from two people to three. Robert’s touched on all aspects of this, creating a true triad relationship that felt authentic not only to the characters but emotionally as well.

Learn My Lesson is very much a character-driven narrative. In fact, for the majority of the book, there is no plot, as the narrative solely focuses on the set-up of the new relationship and the characters. However, towards the end, there is a very slight romantic suspense plotline that is quickly introduced and tied up before the reader has enough time to move to the edge of their seat. Although this plotline is hinted at and teased at earlier in the narrative, it’s not established enough, or focused upon to really enhance the overall narrative.

The trust we built so painstakingly between us in weathered and beaten. I can’t be sure that he’ll meet me halfway, and because I can’t be sure, I’m incapable of taking that first step.

It honestly pains me to give this book the star rating that I did. I wanted to love it; I was ready to fall head over heels for Hades, Megaera and Hercules. I was ready to be wowed by Robert’s writing and swept into her dark and twisted world of sex, lies and power. Unfortunately, I didn’t fall in love with the characters like I thought I would, and therein lies my biggest problem with this book. I didn’t connect with the characters. I’m not the type of reader who needs to love all of the characters, or even any of them, to love a book, but I need to feel something … as it was, I have no strong reactions to the story or characters either way. That said, I felt the absence of something within the characters themselves. This might of been because the book centres intimately around three characters perspectives (all told from third person POV), but that’s not something I’ve ever had a problem with before. Rather, I think it might have more to do with the fact that there is so much going on within the relatively short 253 pages, that the characters and their situation was not developed enough to be believable.

All of that said, Learn My Lesson was a sexy and entertaining read. The sexy times was hot, and the relationship at the end was rewarding. While this might not have been my favourite in the series so far, I will be continuing on with the series and can’t wait to dive into Hook & Tink’s romance in A Worthy Opponent, the next book in the series.

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Book 10/100 (2022 Reading)

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