The Quarter Year Crisis Book Tag 

The Quarter Year Crisis Book Tag was created by Roisin’s Reading (originally posted on the 11th March 2022) as a means to complement the Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag and the End of the Year Book Tag, and as a way to check in on your bookish goals.

2022 has been a bit all over the place for me so far. While I’m reading regularly, most of my reading has been via audiobooks, but I am making an effort to read physically more often when my chronic pain allows. I’ve actually checked off some major books from my physically owned TBR and have mostly been working towards all of my 2022 reading goals. Pain has screwed with my blogging goals a bit more than I would have liked, but I’m trying to do as much as I can, while also being kind to myself, because sometimes I just can’t do it and that’s okay.

How many books have you read so far?

I’ve read thirty-one books in this first quarter (January, February, March). I read seventeen books in January; seven in February; and seven in March.t

The year started so promising with a really strong start in January (a week’s annual leave and another week’s close-contact isolation definitely helped there), but I couldn’t maintain that pace clearly and February and March have been somewhat down from what I would consider a ‘normal’ reading month for me (I aim for ten books a month). That said, I’m still ahead of where Storygraph says I should be, and well on the way to achieving my goals.

Have you already found a book you think might be a 2022 favourite?

A book? I’ve found a couple! I read both Cresent City books this year and was BLOWN away by them. But if I had to choose just one, I’m going with A House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J Maas.

Any 1 star books / least favourite book of the year?

Sadly, yes. It’s really rare for me to give out such low ratings, as I think I tend to rate fairly high, and three stars is still a really good book for me. BUT, this year has seen a couple of books fall into the one and two-star categories. How To Survive A Modern Day Fairy Tale by Elle Cruz was a book I suspected I would love, but ultimately scraped in a two-star rating from me. I really loved the American-Philippine representation in this book, and learning about the culture, but the book ultimately had too many cliches and fell victim to badly constructed tropes, that it was honestly a struggle to finish. It just wasn’t for me.

Most read genre so far?

Unsurprisingly, my most read genre is Romance. According to Storygraph, twenty-five of the thirty-one books I’ve read in quarter one were romance books. I’ve been one a HUGE fantasy kick lately, so I thought that would be my second read genre, but was surprised to learn that Contemporary just beat it out with eleven books and Fantasy coming in third with ten books (as per Storygraph). I suspect Fantasy might come out ahead of Contemporary in quarter two, if my reading continues the way it is this month.

A book that surprised you?

Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon. I read book one and two (plus novella one and two) back in January and have been meaning to pick this series back up ever since. Sci-fi is not usually my thing, and blue alien romances wasn’t something I thought I would enjoy. But a good friend recommended the series, and once I started, I devoured books one and two back to back over two days. I just couldn’t stop. The books themselves read really quickly, and while the writing isn’t the most beautiful or amazing writing I’ve read this year, Ruby Dixon is a fantastic storyteller who knows exactly how to hook you in.

Book that’s come out in 2022 already that you want to read but haven’t yet?

How long do you have? … This year my biggest battle is pain holding my back from reading and my desire to read everything and anything, like yesterday. I just started Electric Idol by Katee Robert, despite owning that book since it’s release in January. I really want to get to Deliah Green Doesn’t Care by Ashley Herring Blake (it’s been sitting on my bedside table tempting me to start it all through March). I own Hook, Line and Sinker by Tessa Bailey and Ten Steps to Nanette by Hannah Gadsby … both of which released in March and I haven’t started yet.

One goal you made that you’re succeeding at?

I’ve already finished three of my Five-Star Predictions and have started a fourth … Which is pretty amazing when you consider that three of the remaining six haven’t released yet. I might actually manage to read all of these (fingers crossed) by the time Blogmas comes around this year.

One goal you made you need to focus on?

Of the five major reading goals I made at the beginning of this year, I’m on track for completing three of them at the moment. The two I need to prioties a bit more (and actually start) are reading five classics, and at least three non-fiction titles. Hopefully by the time The Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag rolls around, I will be able to report I have at least started these two goals.

New to you Booktubers/bookstagrammer/booktokers for 2022 you recommend?

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