Review Archive

Below you’ll find an alphabetical list of the books I’ve reviewed on my blog.



ABBOTT, Jane – Elegy 

ABDEL-FATTAH, Rana (Author) & Rebecca Macauley (Narrator) – Does My Head Look Big In This?

ACKLES, Elise K – Dear Stranger

ADELAIDE, Debra – The Household Guide To Dying

ALBOM, Mitch – The First Phone Call From Heaven

ALEXANDRA, Tonya – The Impossible Story Of Olive In Love

ALLEN, Emma & Illustrated by Hannah Sommerville – My Friend Ernest

ALLISON, Catherine and Shelagh McNicholas (Illustrator) – Dear Daddy, I Love You.

ANDERSON, Laura Ellen – I Don’t Want Curly Hair

ANDREWS, Amy – Taming The Tycoon

ANDREWS, Amy – Playing It Cool (Sydney Smoke Rugby BK 2)

ARCHER, Fiona – Craving Justice

ARCHER, Fiona – Tempting Justice

ARENA, Felice – The Boy And The Spy

ASHTON, Juliet – These Days Of Ours



BAXTER, Claire – Love On Location

BELL, Davina & Illustrated by Sara Acton – OH, ALBERT!

BROWN, Honey – After The Darkness

BROWN, Honey – Dark Horse

BROWN, Jeffrey – Darth Vader And Son

BROWN, Jeffrey – Vader’s Little Princess

BROWN, Kerry – Lest We Forget

BROWN, Ruby (Author) & Lesley Vamos – My Mum Is A Superhero

BUCHANAN, Colin & Illustratd by Simon Williams – Aussie Easter Hat Parade

BURR, Chandler – Your Or Someone Like You



CAHILL, Rhian – Secret Santa

CHAILL, Rhian – Christmas Wishes

CAHILL, Rhian – New Year Kisses

CAHILL, Rhian – A Touch Of Frost

CAHILL, Rhian – A Kiss From Kringle

CAHILL, Rhian – A Taste For Kandy

CAISLEY, Raewyn & illustrated by Karen Blair – Something Wonderful

CALLEN, Alissa – The Long Paddock

CARLINO, Renee – Swear On This Life

CARROLL, Ber – Less Than Perfect

CARROLL, Suzanne – Over The Edge

CARTER EATON, Jason (author) & Illustrated by Gus Gordon – The CATawampus Cat

CARUSO, Carla – Secret Santo

CHRISTINE, Lee – In Safe Hands

CHRISTINE, Lee – In Safe Arms

CLARKE, Justine & Arthur Baysting and illustrated by Tom Jellet – The Gobbledygook And The Scribbledynoodle

COLLUM, Karen & illustrated by Serena Geddes – Blow Me A Kiss

CUMMINGS, Phil & Illustrated by Owen Swan – ANZAC Biscuits

CURTIS, Shannon – Enamoured

CURTIS, Shannon – Enraptured

CURTIS, Shannon – Mistletoe Maverick



DUFFY, Jacque – ANZAC – The Story of a Little Goat

DUGGAN, CJ – Paradise City

DUGGAN, CJ – Paradise Road

DREWS, C. G. – A Thousand Perfect Notes

DYER, David – The Midnight Watch





FAVILLI, Elena & Francesca Cavallo – Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls: 100 Tales of Extraordinary Women

FERRIS, Fleur – Black

FLETCHER, Tom & illustrated by Greg Abbott – There’s A Dragon In Your Book

FORD, Jaye – Darkest Place

FORNASIER, Kylie – Things I Didn’t Say

FOSTER BLAKE, ZOe & illustrated by Adam Nickel – No One Likes A Fart

FREDETTE, Darlene – Nothing To Lose

FRENCH, Jackie (Author) & Mark Wilson (Illustrator) – A Day To Remember

FRENCH, Jackie (Author) & Bruce Whatley (Illustrator) – The Beach They Called Gallipoli

FRENCH, Jackie (Author) & Bruce Whatley (Illustrator) – Cyclone




GARDNER, Louise (Illustrator) – If I Were The Easter Bunny (Children’s Picture Book)

GAYLE, Natalie – Finding Trust

GEPHART, T – High Strung

GEPHART, T – Crash Ride

GEPHART, T – Back Stage

GERMEIN, Katrina (Author) & Tom Jellett (Illustrator) – My Mum Says The Strangest Things

GREEN, Jane – Tempting Fate

GREEN, John – The Fault In Our Stars

GREENWOOD, Kerry (Author) & Annie White – Gallipoli

GROFF, Maggie – Mad Men, Bad Girls and the Guerilla Knitters Institute

GWYNNE, Phillip * Illustrated by Marjorie Crosby-Fairall – Brother’s From A Different Mother



HACKETT, Dave – Time For Bed, Daddy

HAIG, Matt – A Boy Called Christmas

HART, Pamela – A Letter From Italy

HARVEY, BJ – Game Player

HATHORN, Libby & Illustrated by Phil Lesnie – A Soldier, a Dog and a Boy

HEIN, Cathryn – Santa And The Saddler

HEIN, Cathryn – Wayward Heart

HERRON, Rachael – Cora’s Heart

HILL, Eric – Spot Loves His Mum

HILL, Loretta – The Girl In The Steel-Capped Boots

HILL, Loretta – The Girl In The Hard Hat

HILL, Loretta – One Little White Lie

HILL, Loretta – The Girl In The Yellow Vest

HILL, Loretta – The Grass Is Greener

HORNER, Doggie & Illustrated by JJ Harrison – Die Hard Christmas





JACOBSON, Megan – Yellow

JANE, Maddie – Fixed Up

JAMES, Eric – The Easter Bunny Comes To Newcastle/NSW/ Western Australia/Australia

JAMES, Wendy- The Mistake

JAMES, Wendy – The Lost Girls

JAMES, Wendy – The Golden Child

JENKINS REID, Taylor – After I Do

JOHNS, Rachael – Jilted

JOHNS, Rachael – The Road To Hope

JOHNS, Rachael – Man Drought

JOHNS, Rachael- The Kissing Season

JOHNS, Rachael – The Art Of Keeping Secrets

JONES, Jennie – 12 Days At Silver Bells House

JONES, Jennie – A Place To Stay



KANE, Kim & Ills. Lucia Masciullo – Family Forest

K.E, Whitney – What Happens In Ireland

K.E, Whitney – Deceive Me In Ireland

KELLY, Deborah (Author) & Illustrated by Karen Blair – Me And You 

KEMMERER, Brigid – Letters To The Lost

KOSTAKIS, Will – The Sidekicks

Kwaymullina, Ezekel Kwaymullina & Tom Jellett (Illustrator) – My Amazing Dad



LANE, Karly – Bridie’s Choice

LAWRENCE, Angela – The Rules Of Conception

LAGA’AIA, Jay & illustrated by Kim Flemming – Egg Hunting We Will Go

LORD, Gabrielle – Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing

LOW, J A – Suddenly Together

LOW, J A – Sapphire (Bratva Jewels Books One)



MAAS, Sarah J – A Court Of Frost And Starlight (A Court Of Thorns And Roses 3.1)

MADDEN, Georgia – Confessions Of A Once Fashionable Mum

MADISON, Juliet – I Dream Of Johnny

MADISON, Juliet – 12 Daves Of Christmas

MALONE, Lily – The Vineyard In The Hills

MANGAN, Anne (Author) and Tasmin Ainslie (Illustrator) – The Easter Bunny’s Helper (Children’s Picture Book)

MARCHETTA, Melina – Finnkin Of The Rock

MARVEL – Dad, You Are My Super Hero

MATTINGLEY, Christobel & David Kennett 9Illustrator) – Forward March

METZENTHEN, David & Michael Camilleri (Illustrator) – One Minute’s Silence 

MEYER, Marissa  & Doug Holgate (illustrator) – Wires And Nerve

McALISTER, Jodi – Valentine

McCALLUM, Fiona – Saving Grace (The Button Jar Series Book One)

McCONAGHY, Charlotte – Thorne (Book 2 in The Chronicles of Kaya Series)

McELHATTON, Heather – Pretty Little Mistakes: A Novel (Choose Your Own Adventure)

McINERNEY, Monica – The Christmas Gift

McINTOSH, Fiona – The French Promise

McKellar, Lauren K – Seeking Faith

MCLEAN, Jay – More Than This

MCLEAN, Jay – More Than Him

MCLEAN, Jay – More Than Forever

MILLETT, Peter & Bowles, Tish – The Anzac Puppy

MITCHELL, Dana – The Venetian Affair

MORIARTY, Liane – The Hypnotist’s Love Story by Liane Moriarty

MURPHY, Sally & Janine Daweson (Illustrator) – Fly-In Fly-Out Dad (Children’s Picture Book)



NASH, Charlotte – Ryders Ridge

NEWTON, Robert – Mr Romanov’s Garden In The Sky



OSBORN, Maragerta – Hope’s Road



PAGE, Scott – The Barefoot Investor

PALACIO, R.J – Wonder

PALMER, Fiona – The Empty Nest

PAMFILOFF, Mimi Jean – Accidentally In Love With …  A God?

PARRY, Bronwyn – Dead Heat

PARRY, Bronwyn – Dear Ruth

PARRY, Bronwyn – Storm Clouds

PARRY, Bronwyn – The North Wind

PATERSON, A B (Banjo) & Wilson, Mark (Illustrator) – We’re All Australians Now

PAUL, Janette – Just Breathe

PENNY, Donna & Kai Penny – Why My Mummy?: Kair Shares his Mother’s Experience Of Cancer

PERRY, J.L  – Hooker

PICOULT, Jodi & VAN LEER, Samantha – Between The Lines

PLOZZA, Shivuan – Frankie





REDGOLD, Eliza – Black Diamonds

RENNIE, Anne McCullagh – Song of the BellBirds

REYNOLDS, Louise – An Outback Christmas

ROTH, Veronica –The Transfer (A Divergent Short Story)

ROTH, Veronica – Free Four: Tobias Tells The Story (A Divergent Short Story)

ROWLING, J.K – The Casual Vacancy

ROWLING, J.K – Very Good Lives: The Fringe Benefits of Failure and the Importance of Imagination

RUBENS, Michael – The Bad Decisions Playlist

RYDER, Jennifer – Losing Faith



SAXBY, Claire – Meet… The ANZACS

SAXBY, Claire – Christmas At Grandma’s Beach House

SCOTT, Eva – Red Dust Dancer

SCOTT, Kylie – Lick

SCOTT, Kylie – Dive Bar

SHARPE SHELBERG, Rebecka & illustrated by Robin Cowcher – Reflection – Remembering Those Who Serve In War

SHIRVINGTON, Jessica – Between The Lives

SHIRVINGTON, Jessica – Disruption

SHIRVINGTON, Jessica (Author) & Claire Robertson (Illustrator) – Just The Way We Are (Picture Book)

SLATTER, Angela – Vigil

SLATTER, Angela – Corpselight

SMITH, Jennifer E – The Statistical Probability Of Falling In Love At First Sight

SMITH, Rosie (Author) & Bruce Whatley – My Mum’s The Best

SNYDER, Maria V – Poison Study

SNYDER, Maria V – Magic Study

SNYDER, Maria V – Fire Study

SNYDER, Maria V – Shadow Study

SNYDER, Maria V – Night Study

SNYDER, Maria V – Dawn Study

SOMERS, Michelle – Lethal In Love 1

SOMERS, Michelle – Lethal In Love 2

SOMERS, Michelle – Lethal In Love 3

SOMERS, Michelle – Lethal In Love 4

SOMERS, Michelle – Lethal In Love 5

SOMERS, Michelle – Lethal In Love 6

SPEECHLEY, Michael – The All New Must Have Orange 430

STUART, Bronwyn – She’s The One



TAYLOR,Lani – Daughter Of Smoke And Bone

TAYLOR, Virginia – Dr. No Commitment

THORNE, Jack & J.K. Rowling & John Tiffany – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts I & II

TREASURE, Rachael – Jillaroo

TREMAYNE, Avril – Escaping Mr Right

TYNER, Christy & illustrated by Ciaee – Zak’s Safari







WALKER, Anna – I Love My Mum

WALKER, Anna – Florette

WALKER-SMITH, G.J. – Saving Wishes

WALKER-SMITH, G.J.- Second Hearts

WALKER-SMITH, G.J. –Sand Jewels (2.5)

WALKER-SMITH, G.J. – Storm Shells (3)

WALKER-SMITH, G.J. – Secret North (4)

WALKER-SMITH, G.J. – Silver Dawn (4.5)

WALKER-SMITH, G.J – Shadow Lily (6.5)

WANG, Gabrielle – The Beast of Hushing Wood

WATKINS, Ross & illustrated by Liz Anelli – One Photo

WEST, Annie – A Vow To Secure His Legacy

WEST, Annie – Seducing His Enemy’s Daughter

WHELAN, Susan & illustrated by Gwynneth Jones – Don’t Think About Purple Elephants

WILLIS, Jeanne & Illustrated by Tony Ross – Not Just A Book …

WINCH, Gordon – The Last Anzac

WORTHINGTON, Michelle & illustrated by Ann-Marie Finn – My Brother Tom







YOUNG, Helene – Half Moon Bay

YOUNG, Helene – Northern Heat



ZANBAKA, Elias – Environmentally Friendly


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