If you are author or publisher looking for a review, I am happy to take a look at your work given that it fits within my reading preferences (which let’s be honest doesn’t exclude much) and my schedule.

As far as preferences go I predominately read: Women’s/Contemporary Fiction and Literature, Young Adult, New Adult, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Rural Fiction, Crime/Thriller/Suspense, Historical Fiction and Fantasy/Paranormal. That said I read memoir’s occasionally, when the right subject matter is presented, and I do read True Crime as well.

I do not read horror.

Not all books are for everyone. If by some chance I read your book and it’s not for me, please don’t take this as personal criticism. It’s not. Books appeal to everyone for different reasons, sometimes its the mood your in at the time your reading that affects how you respond to the narrative. That said, rest assure I will NEVER trash a book or its author. If some reason the book is not for me, I will give reasons for this in the review.

As a reviewer I tried to give honest and balanced reviews. It’s how I operate. It’s how I will continue to review books.

If you’d like your book reviewed please email me at nevendbkshelf [@] gmail [dot] com and I’ll try my hardest to get back to you.

If you want to chat books or are looking for some recommendations (or want to give some recommendations) on books, fell free to email me at the above address as well. As though who know me well will tell you, I love nothing more than to chat books with another reader and book enthusiast 🙂


Rating System

5 Stars – This book was amazing.

4 Stars – I really enjoyed this book,

3 Stars – I liked the book but there were a few niggling issues

2 Stars – This book was okay, but not for me.

1 Star – This was not a book for me.


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