Local Book Signing: S.E. Gilchrist, Lauren K. McKellar and Lee Christine

To celeberate the release of their new rural bindup collection, S.E. Gilchrist, Lauren K. McKellar and Lee Christine are having a local book signing and they would love for you to come!

WHO: S.E. Gilchrist, Lauren K. McKellar and Lee Christine

WHERE: Big W Charlestown

WHAT: Book Signing

WHEN: Saturday 28th July at 10 am


Come along on Saturday 28th July at 10 am and say hello to S.E. Gilchrist, Lauren K. McKellar and Lee Christine and get your book signed.


So That Birthday Month Of Giveaways That You Promised ….

What happened to that?

Yeah… that… I remember the post and I still intend to do it. But with my back injury meaning I can only sit for half an hour, it’s been hard to concentrate and get anything done. Now that the month of January has literally flown by and my best intentions have been waylaid once again, I’ve had to come up with a new plan.

From Wednesday January 27th, the official third birthday of this blog, the month of giveaways will start. Every week day from that day onwards until Friday 26th January a new giveaway will be offered. Some of these will involve books (both hardbacks, paperbacks and ebooks in a variety of genres and ages), some will be various swag offers and others will be a surprise as I clear out my blogging box for the new year ahead. All give-aways will be open to Australian residents, and I’m trying to include a number of international ones as well that won’t send me broke with the cost of postage and the sadly ailing Australian dollar.

As each giveaway is posted, please check the details regarding the give-away. Some of them will be open for majority of the month, and others only for a week or so. Each will be clearly labelled and each winner will be notified by email and blog post at the end of the month.

PLEASE NOTE: The Australia Day Blog Hop Giveaway is being run from Sunday 24th-Wednesday 27th of January and I’m participating in this as well. The giveaway marked as part of that is NOT included in this birthday celebration month and as such has it’s own rules and time periods attached. Also means you could win more and more 🙂

All of that said, I really hope you will join me celebrate this blog’s third birthday. You never know you might win a book or two out of it!

National BookShop Day Today!

Today is National Bookshop Day!

If you don’t happen to have anything on, or you fit a stop at you local bookshop inbetween everything else day, you should check out your local bookshop and support them on a day that celebrates our mutual love of books and the strength of the book community.

It’s no secret that bookshops have been doing it tough lately, so pop on over to your local independent or chain bookstore and support them and show them just how much you love and appreciate them being there. So hopefully they will continue being there for years to come!

Personally, I’m planning on hitting up my local Independent bookstore, McLeans and possibly Dymmocks if I have time and depending on the damage done to my bank account beforehand. Somehow I can never leave with just one book….



National Book Shop Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Saturday 8th August 2015, is National Bookshop Day! So if you don’t have anything planned, pop on over to your local bookshop and support the Australian industry by stopping by and grabbing a book or two (I know I can’t be trusted when it comes to bookshops – I never leave with just one!).

A number of libraries and bookshops are holding events for kids, or even some author events, so make sure you check out your local library and bookshops and see what’s on. After all a day celebrating books is bound to be a fun day 🙂