A Very Overdue Book Bingo 2019 Update!

Back in February, I challenged myself to complete a Book Bingo Card. I’ve been so busy devouring books and studying this year, that I completely forgot to update you on my bingo progress, so welcome to my VERY overdue book bingo update!

Looking at this list, I think I might be almost able to complete this bingo card twice over. Alas, I’m only doing it once, so here are my picks for each category so far:

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October Reading Challenges

This month I’m only tackling two additional reading challenges on top of my three annual reading challenges.

Slapshot Readathon

The first one is the Slapshot Readathon (aka Ice Hockey readathon!) hosted by @puckspaperbacks and @beccawithabook runs from the 2-8 October 2019.

To read my full post on the books I’ll be reading for this challenge and the prompts visit my October Reading Challenge: Slapshot Readathon & TBR announcement.


I absolutely adore Ice Hockey and try to make it to as many of the local AIHL games I can. I have a few books lined up that fit this challenge and I am so looking forward to diving into them! I only wish this challenge was running for the duration of the month. I can’t possibly fit every single hockey book I want to read in that time span!


#LoveOzYA Bingo Card

The second and final reading challenge I’m taking on this month is the #LoveOzYA’s bingo card (pictured below). Bingo is taking place all month long (1st -31st October)

Playing is simple – just like a normal game of bingo, you’re looking to get five squares in a row: horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. You can mark a square off whenever you read a book that matches the criteria in the square, so long as it’s considered an OzYA book. There’s a “free” space in the middle of the board to make it a little easier if you can’t find five books you’d like to read.


Currently, some of the books I have  shortlisted for my TBR that qualify for this bingo card are:


Clearly I won’t be getting through ALL of those listed above, hell I’ll be likely to get through 4 books at this rate… I’m being super optimistic at this stage and have plans to carry through this bingo card until the end of the year as it is anyway 🙂


Like last month, I’ll be aiming to do a mid-month update on the challenges, and then a wrap up at the end of the month as well.

Are you taking part in any reading challenges this month? If so, which ones? I’d love to hear from you.


September Reading Challenges

After taking part in the 24in48 readathon challenge in July, I’ve been actively looking for more unique and varied reading challenges that I can incorporate into my reading schedule and blog life.

For the month of September, I’ve selected three reading challenges to participate in, on top of the three I already do annually (goodreads, Australian Women Writers Challenge and my own bingo card).

The three I’ve selected for this month are:

Sequel September

Sequel September is hosted by Books and Munchies and its essentially a month where you read as many sequels as you like. As I’ve started a bunch of books and are yet to finish their series, I thought this challenge was perfect.

In September I’m aiming to read:



Nameathon is hosted by Under The Covers Book Reviews and Ideally Inspired Reviews and it’s running from the 16th to the 22nd September.

This readathon has you creating a TBR based on the letters in your name using the below infographic.

My blog name is way too long for a readathon based in this time period, so I’m using JESS.

J = Quiet one gets the boy/girl

E= Enemies-to-lovers

S= Rom-com

S= Red Cover

I’m not entirely sure what books I’m using for these prompts yet, but it looks fun!


Popularthon is hosted by  @kitkatscanread, @kafweenstrail and @Imagineamalee. The readathon goes the duration of the month )1-30th September).

The group book for September is Scythe by Neal Schusterman.


Obviously, that’s a tonne of books I NEED to read this month, but I’m hoping to use particular books for more than one title. I.e Scythe could classify as the popularathon’s group book + Nameathon’s red book etc … at least that’s the plan 🙂

Are you taking part in any reading challenges this month?


2019 Goals and Blogging Aspirations

Happy Belated New Year everybody!

I’m late to the goals and recapping posts this year due to a summer cold that knocked me for six over the festive season, but I’m slowly getting back into the game and am so excited and hopeful for the year that is to come.

Towards the end of 2018, I gave myself some time to reflect on the year that had been and what I truly wanted from the future, including the direction of this blog and my own personal aspirations. I took this task quite seriously, and spent the better half of an afternoon mapping out and considering a lot of different ideas and goals; all of which have made me terribly excited to get stuck into what is sure to be a fantastic 2019.

Below are some of the challenges, goals and aspirations I have for the year ahead.

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