Waiting On Wednesday: ‘Dominik’ by Sawyer Bennett (Arizona Vengence Book 6)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted at Breaking the Spine. The purpose is to spotlight upcoming releases that we are excited for.

I binged the first half of this series last year, and I cannot wait to be back with the Arizona Vengeance boys in this book … it’s going to be so good.

Published by: Big Dog Books

Expected Publication: 18th February 2020

I built myself up from nothing. A product of the foster care system, I learned early on how to fight hard to get what I want. Whether it was starting my first company in college, earning my first billion, or buying my first professional sports team, I know how to get what I want, when I want it.

Until now.

Willow Monahan is fierce, independent, and hot as hell. She also takes great pleasure in shutting down my advances. The younger sister of one of my star players, Willow intrigues me to my very core. And while she may have willingly given me her body, she is hesitant to offer up more. Now I’m on a mission to find out why.

I’ve decided to approach my desire for Willow like I’ve approached much of my life; with persistence, determination, and a whole lot of that Dominik Carlson alpha charm. Buying a hockey expansion team, building the Arizona Vengeance from the ground up, and bringing home a championship may prove to be an easier feat than winning Willow’s heart.

But I’ve never been a quitter.

Willow Monahan… I’m coming for you

Waiting On Wednesday: ‘Even If It Hurts’ by Marni Mann


Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted at Breaking the Spine. The purpose is to spotlight upcoming releases that we are excited for.

This cover … and this author … It’s going to be brilliant; I just know it!

Published by: Self Published

Expected Publication: 28th January 2020

From USA Today best-selling author Marni Mann comes Even If It Hurts, an emotionally charged contemporary romance. When you have a perfect marriage, only an impossible reconnection could make you risk it all.

When I met her, I couldn’t take my eyes off her.
We were so young and so passionate.
We studied business in the day and each other’s bodies at night.
We always knew it would end with the semester, so we loved hard with no regrets.

When I met her, I couldn’t get her off my mind.
We were fresh out of college and ready to take on the world.
We fit each other like missing puzzle pieces.
And just when I thought my life was perfect, it got better. She became my wife.

I met my first love while studying abroad in London.
When I moved home, I didn’t think I’d ever fall in love again.
Until I met him. The man who became my husband.
The one I promised a lifetime to.

Then, my first love came back into my life …
And I realized that love was bigger than any one man.


  1. Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis
  2. Why I Love Australia by Daniel Howarth
  3. My First Day At School by Rosie Smith and Bruce Whatley
  4. 47 Degress by Justin D’Ath 
  5. Old Friends, New Friends by Andrew Daddo and Illustrated by Jonathan Bentley
  6. When I Grow Up by Andrew Daddo and Illustrated by Jonathan Bentley
  7. The House On The Mountain by Ella Holcombe and David Cox
  8. Verity by Colleen Hoover
  9. Four Weeks, Five People by Jennifer Yu
  10. Penelope’s Playground by Roxy Jacenko with Pixie Curtis and Illustrated by Heather Hawkins
  11. Mallee Sky by Jodi Toering and Illustrated by Tannya Harricks
  12. On The First Day Of School by P. Crumble and illustrated by Dean Rankine
  13. Amazing Australian Women: Twelve Women Who Shaped History by Pamela Freeman and illustrated by Sophie Beer
  14. Mamie by Tania McCartney
  15. The French Photographer by Natasha Lester
  16. The Smallest Bilby and the Easter Games by Nette Hilton and  illustrated by Bruce Whatley
  17. The Smallest Bilby and the Easter Tale by Nette Hilton and Illustrated by Bruce Whatley
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  22. The Jacket by Sue-Ellen Pashley and Illustrated by Thea Baker
  23. Waves by Donna Rawlins and illustrated by Heather Potter and Mark Jackson
  24. The Book Week Monster by Adam and Charlotte Guilliane and illustrated by Eva Grey
  25. Noni The Pony Rescues a Pony by Alison Lester 
  26. How Not to annoy dad – dave Hughes and Holly Ife illustrated by Heath McKenzie
  27. Tricky’s Bad Day by Alison Lester
  28. Rainbow Bear by Stephen Michael King
  29. The Dress-Up Box by Patrick Guest and illustrated by Nathaniel Eckstrom
  30. Bouncing Back: An Eastern Barred Banidcoot Story by Rohan Cleave and Illustrated by Coral Tulloch 
  31. The Feather by Margaret Wild and Illustrated by Freya Blackwood
  32. A Dinosaur Ate Dad’s Hair by Trent Roberts and illustrated by Chrissie Krebs
  33. Chalk Boy by Margaret Wild and Mandy Ord
  34. Leave Taking by Lorraine Marwood
  35. The Happiness Box: A Wartime Book of Hope by Mark Greenwood and illustrated by Andrew McLean
  36. My Dad Snores by John Williamson and illustrated by Peter Carnavas
  37. My Dad Is A Robot by Matt Cosgrove
  38. Me and My Dad by Robin Shaw
  39. My Dad Used To Be So Cool by Keith Negley
  40. The Greatest Father’s Day of All by Anne Mangan and illustrated by Tamsin Ainslie
  41. Dad and the Dinosaur by Gennifer Choldenko and illustrated by Dan Santat
  42. Fearless With Dad by Cori Brooke and illustrated by Giuseppe Poli
  43. Cicada by Shaun Tan 
  44. The Mediterranean by Armin Greder
  45. Sorry Day by Coral Vass by Dub Leffler
  46. The Great $20 Adventure by Effie Zahos and illustrated by IIona Tar
  47. Australian Birds by Matt Chuin
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  49. Red House Blue House Green House Tree House by Jane Godwin and illustrated by Jane Reiseger 
  50. Alfred’s War by Rachel Bin Salleh and illustrated by Samantha Fry
  51. His Brand of Beautiful by Lily Malone
  52. Repeat by Kylie Scott
  53. Rocking Horse Hill by Cathryn Hein
  54. Naughty or Nice by Lauren K. McKellar
  55. The Dry by Jane Harper
  56. The Naughtiest Reindeer Goes South by Nicki Greenberg


Waiting On: ‘Love Her or Lose Her’ by Tessa Bailey (book 2

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted at Breaking the Spine. The purpose is to spotlight upcoming releases that we are excited for.


Published by: Avon

Expected Publication: 14th January 2020

New York Times bestselling author Tessa Bailey returns with a unique, sexy romantic comedy about a young married couple whose rocky relationship needs a serious renovation.

Rosie and Dominic Vega are the perfect couple: high school sweethearts, best friends, madly in love. Well, they used to be anyway. Now Rosie’s lucky to get a caveman grunt from the ex-soldier every time she walks in the door. Dom is faithful and a great provider, but the man she fell in love with ten years ago is nowhere to be found. When her girlfriends encourage Rosie to demand more out of life and pursue her dream of opening a restaurant, she decides to demand more out of love, too. Three words: marriage boot camp.

Never in a million years did Rosie believe her stoic, too-manly-to-emote husband would actually agree to relationship rehab with a weed-smoking hippy. Dom talking about feelings? Sitting on pillows? Communing with nature? Learning love languages? Nope. But to her surprise, he’s all in, and it forces her to admit her own role in their cracked foundation. As they complete one ridiculous—yet surprisingly helpful—assignment after another, their remodeled relationship gets stronger than ever. Except just as they’re getting back on track, Rosie discovers Dom has a secret… and it could demolish everything.

Taking a short break

Hey guys,

It may only be Wednesday, but its been a pretty rough week already and I’ve made the decision to take the month of January off.

I have a couple of posts scheduled in for the next couple of weeks, but l will resume active blogging as normal once more in early February.

See you all in Feb!


 #Authors4Fireys Twitter Auction

For the past two months, Australia has experienced the worst bushfire season we’ve ever encountered. As of two days, ago (I couldn’t find more up to date statistics that I could verify) an estimated 23 people  (The Guardian) had lost their lives with more people missing.  According to Times.com 12.35 million acres of land has burnt, with an estimated 1500 homes lost nationally (7 News), and entire towns wiped off the map. Billions of animals have perished with fears that some species of flora and fauna have been completely eradicated.

And this is just the beginning.

Summer has barely begun here, and we still have the hottest months of the year to come.

Words can not adequately express the heartbreak and horror that is Australia right now. We are suffering, and we are struggling. Each day our firefighters back up to fight these infernos with the help of firefighters from all over the world. These men and women are our heroes. Our lifesavers. Words can not adequately express our gratitude and heartfelt thanks. Especially as so many of them are fighting without the proper equipment, and with risks to their own lives and properties each and every day.

In the midst of all this sadness and horror, the Australian community, and the world, is rallying behind our firefighters and Australia. Donations of food, clothing and everyday essentials have been flooding in for those communities worst affected, and every day Australians are throwing whatever they have at the firefighters and charity organisations to help those who need it most. Which is where the book community comes in.

Starting yesterday (Monday 6th January 2020) and running until the 11th January 2020, the book world has taken to twitter to raise some much need funds for the CFA firefighters.

#Authors4Fireys is an auction being held via twitter by authors, publishers, editors, agents and basically anyone involved in the book world. There are services, books, character names, entire series and so much more to be won via the auctions, where each bidder is asked to leave their bid in the thread below the product. Whoever has the highest bid when the auction closes is required to donate that money (in AUS dollars) to the CFA and must provide proof of donation to claim their prize.

There truly are some amazing items up for auction, and I highly encourage each and every one of you to check them out if you have the chance (just search the hashtag  #Authors4Fireys and they should all come up).