It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

It's Monday! What Are You Reading

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A mysterious island. An abandoned orphanage. A strange collection of curious photographs.

A horrific family tragedy sets sixteen-year-old Jacob journeying to a remote island off the coast of Wales, where he discovers the crumbling ruins of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. As Jacob explores its abandoned bedrooms and hallways, it becomes clear that the children were more than just peculiar. They may have been dangerous. They may have been quarantined on a deserted island for good reason. And somehow—impossible though it seems—they may still be alive.

A spine-tingling fantasy illustrated with haunting vintage photography, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children will delight adults, teens, and anyone who relishes an adventure in the shadows.

When a bestselling debut novel from mysterious author J.Colby becomes the literary event of the year, Emiline reads it reluctantly. As an adjunct writing instructor at UC San Diego with her own stalled literary career and a bumpy long-term relationship, Emiline isn’t thrilled to celebrate the accomplishments of a young and gifted writer.

Yet from the very first page, Emiline is entranced by the story of Emerson and Jackson, two childhood best friends who fall in love and dream of a better life beyond the long dirt road that winds through their impoverished town in rural Ohio.

That’s because the novel is patterned on Emiline’s own dark and desperate childhood, which means that “J. Colby” must be Jase: the best friend and first love she hasn’t seen in over a decade. Far from being flattered that he wrote the novel from her perspective, Emiline is furious that he co-opted her painful past and took some dramatic creative liberties with the ending.

The only way she can put her mind at ease is to find and confront “J. Colby,” but is she prepared to learn the truth behind the fiction?

From the bestselling author of The Horse Thief comes a historical story of love, intrigue and danger in the majestic cedar forests of the Hunter Valley.
Even if time heals all wounds, you still bear the scars…

Wollombi: 1855. When Roisin Ogilvie moves to Wollombi her thoughts are only of protecting her illegitimate son, Ruan, from the grasps of his powerful and dangerous father. Posing as an impoverished widow, she settles into a quiet existence as a local dressmaker. She doesn’t expect to catch the attention of Irish champion cedar cutter Carrick O’Connor, or any other man for that matter.

Carrick O’Connor may have won the coveted Wollombi Wood Chop, but his mind is on the beautiful seamstress and her son. Or rather, on who they remind him of. Determined to exact revenge for the horrors of his past, Carrick plans to return to Ireland to seek revenge on the land agent who was responsible for the death of his wife and child, and his transportation. Then, hopefully, he can return to Wollombi to start life afresh.

But a murder charge, a kidnapping, a growing attraction, and a past that refuses to stay silent will turn both his and Roisin’s lives upside down and will lead them to a hard choice. Redemption? Or cutters’ justice?



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It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

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Let’s Talk Books With K.A. Sterritt, Author of Impact


Welcome back to another edition of Let’s Talk Books. Today it’s my pleasure to be hosting Aussie Author K A. Sterritt here at The Never Ending Bookshelf. K.A. Sterritt is the author of three contemporary romance novels – The Holly Project; Collision and Impact -, and was recently honoured as  The Sydney Author Event‘s breakout author for the August 2016 signing.

K.A. Sterritt is a contemporary romance author living in Sydney, Australia with her husband and three sons.

Her debut novel, The Holly Project was published in November 2014, her second novel Collision (The Fight for Life Series #1) was published in October 2015 and her latest release Impact (The Fight for Life Series #2) was released in April 2015.

She writes the kind of novel she enjoys to read.


What are you currently reading?

Swear on this Life by Renee Carlino

What was the last book you bought?

Swear on this Life by Renee Carlino

Do you prefer to read books in print or electronically?

Electronically as I only get time to read in bed and need the backlit screen.

What do your bookshelves look like? Do you have an organisation system (genre, colour, author…) or are you just happy to go with the flow?

I keep all my signed books together then all the others are sorted by genre.

How often do you read?

Every single day without fail. I never go to sleep without reading at least a few pages. It relaxes me.

Describe what you would expect to find in your dream book?

Great characters I can really get behind. I want to fully immerse myself in their world and their story. I love a good twist too!

How do you choose what to read next?

Sometimes I read hype books. Other times, I just stumble across something I’ve heard nothing about on Amazon or iBooks. I love recommendations from friends or FB groups. It really just comes down to my mood though. I have so many books on my Kindle, but also have a one-click addiction and can’t resist grabbing something that catches my eye.

So you’ve started a book and discover it’s not for you. Are you more likely to discard it or finish it?

Sometimes I move on, but I’ll always go back to finish it at some stage. It will bug me otherwise!

If you could read any book again, for the first time, what book would you choose?

Loving Mr Daniels by Brittainy Cherry. It resonated with me and I enjoyed every single word. Such a beautiful book that I sometimes go back and re-read.

What is about books that appeals to you so much? What is your favourite part about reading?

I’ve always been an avid reader. I love that whatever is going on in my life, I can open a book and be instantly transported somewhere else. It is such a beautiful way to relax.

Can you tell us a bit about your writing style. Are you a pantser or a plotter? Do you prefer to write in 1st or 3rd person? Are you an early riser writer or a late night owl writer?

I am a pantser!!! I have a spark of an idea then I just write and write until it comes to fruition. It can end up writing 150K words for a 75K book, but I get there in the end and it’s my way.

Was there any particular book that inspired you to start writing?

No one book in particular. I was so in love with reading romance and thought I’d try to write my own.

Do you have any advice to other writers out there?

Write what you want to read, not what you think the market wants. Then try to write everyday. You can’t edit a blank page!

And lastly, what are you currently working on?

I’m working on a standalone and I’m really excited about it. I’m about halfway and the story is far exceeding my initial idea. I’m in love with the characters and the story!

To learn more about K.A. Sterritt, visit the following social media sites:

K.A. Sterritt’s Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Amazon |

To purchase a copy of K.A. Sterritt’s books, visit the following online retailers:

Amazon AU | Amazon US | Amazon UK | iBooks | Kobo | Barnes & Noble | SIGNED  PAPERBACKS

REVIEW: ‘The Art Of Keeping Secrets’ by Rachael Johns

Published: 19th September 2016

Publisher: Harlequin Mira Australia

Pages: 440

Format: Paperback (courtesy of the publisher via work roadshow)

RRP: $32.99

5/5 Stars 

Little secrets grow up to be big lies…

They’ve been best friends since their sons started high school together, and Felicity, Emma and Neve share everything … or so they thought.

But Flick’s seemingly perfect marriage hides a shocking secret which, with one word, threatens to destroy her and her family’s happiness. Emma is in denial about a potential custody battle, her financial constraints, the exhaustion she can’t seem to shake off and the inappropriate feelings she has for her boss. And single mum Neve is harbouring a secret of her own; a secret that might forever damage her close-knit relationship with her son.

When the tight hold they have each kept on their secrets for years begins to slip, they must face the truth. Even if that truth has the power to hurt the ones they love, and each other.

Perhaps some secrets weren’t made to be kept.

According  to the Oxford Dictionary a SECRET is  something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others. And this book is like no other…

From best-selling Australian author Rachael Johns comes an explosive new read, The Art Of Keeping Secrets.

Stepping away from her rural romance novels for a little while, Johns The Art  Of Keeping Secrets is a highly addictive and explosive read that is bound to have avid romance and contemporary fiction readers riveted from the very first to last page!

Bursting at the seems with secrets that range from little white lies to those that threaten and undermine you very existence, The Art Of Keeping Secrets was an astounding read that left me reeling in the best possible way. The pacing and tension of the novel is spot on, so much so that I’m actually a little bit in awe of the way Johns was able to continually up the ante with each secrets revelation and timing. There was not one second where this book lagged, in fact all in all it’s pretty damn fast paced with so much happening in a very true to life style.

As I’ve come to expect from Johns’ previous books, the characters were an array of eccentric personalities, character flaws and hearts of gold that felt not only alive on the page, but honest and very real. The emotions these characters evoked in me as a reader sent me on a roller-coaster of a ride as I laughed, loved, was confused and hurt by, felt despair, loss and fear alongside and found hope with them. They incited just about every emotion known to man kind, and they were ‘just’ fictional; just words on a page. If that doesn’t tell you about the power of words and Johns’ extraordinary craftsmanship, I don’t know what can.

Given the nature of the book, I can’t really talk much about the plot (or it’s characters really) in great detail without the fear of spoilers, but what I can tell you is that this a book that needs to be read,as it’s a narrative you will want to experience for yourself.  What I will say however is that The Art Of Keeping Secrets is an extraordinary book about  secrets both big and small that we tell ourselves and others almost every day and how those consequences can haunt us for life. It’s about family, relationships, love, marriage, one’s health and well being both mentally, physically and emotionally. Most importantly though it is a story about three women and their families, about finding themselves in a world more unexpected then known, and what it means to be comfortable and at ease with oneself. It deals with everything from trivial matters to earth-shattering truths and is a book with one hell of a mighty heart.

With the cat now out of the bag, I think it’s safe to say that this new book from Rachael Johns will NOT stay secret for long, nor does it deserve too! After all, it’s  not every day a book comes along that will shake you to your core and have you re-evaluate your own decisions and lives, and make you feel thankful for the people in your own life. I highly recommend this novel to everyone young and old and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this extremely talented and versatile author.

While you are here don’t forget to check out Rachael’s Let’s Talk books interview here, and here for my event wrap up of the Top Secret Author Event with Rachael Johns, Harlequin Australia and Harper Collins Books!

To purchase a copy of The Art Of Keeping Secret, visit the following online retailers:

Booktopia | Harlequin Books Australia  | Angus & Robertson Bookworld |Ibooks | Dymocks | Amazon USA | Amazon AUS |







Secret Author Event: The Art Of Keeping Secrets With Rachael Johns and Harlequin Australia

To promote her new book, The Art Of Keeping Secrets, Rachael Johns and her publisher Harlequin Australia, held top-secret-invite-only author events in each capital city around the country.

A couple of months ago, the hard working team at Harlequin Australia held a competition where  you emailed them for the chance to win two exclusive tickets to your closest capital cities event. I entered what feels like months ago now, and promptly forgot about it when I never heard anything else, assuming that the event had already taken place. So you can imagine my surprise when a few weeks back I opened my emails to find one from Harlequin telling me I’d won tickets!

Last week, the top exclusive events were held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and I was fortunate enough to receive an invite to the Sydney event. The event itself was very much like it sounds; keeping with it’s top-secret-invite-only-event-status, attendees didn’t know where or what time the event would be until a text arrived the morning of the event, To my delight, the Sydney event was held at the Harlequin and Harper Collins HQ; I love their offices! Seriously, their bookshelves are amazing and if I have a massive case of bookshelf envy.

This is just one of many amazing bookshelves there!

To my surprise the night was nothing like I expected, or had experienced before. On arrival Sue Brockhoff, Vanessa (both from Harlequin) and Jacqui Burton (Harper Collins) greeted all six readers attending and introduced us all to the guest of honour Rachael Johns, before proceeding to wine and dine the group…and what a job they did! Dinner was pretty special – I had mango chicken and Mum had pasta – and look at all of those yummy deserts!

What followed was a really intimate conversation where all ten of us talked about everything under the sun from writing, RWA conferences, the Olympics, doctors, books and everything in between. All in all it was a really relaxed and enjoyable evening and the perfect backdrop to talk books.

When it came time to leave, Harlequin didn’t stop with the surprises and produced a goodie bag for everyone comprised of a poster, two Rachael Johns book marks, a bottle of wine, a delightful bird cage of Lindt chocolates and a Rachael Johns book.

20161015_160500  20161015_160407 20161015_160231 20161015_160115



I offered my book to Mum, since I owned it already and Sue overheard and swapped it out for me from their impressive bookshelf collections – something I definitely hadn’t expected! It was like Christmas choosing one book!

All in all the night was nothing short of a dream. Not only did I get to hang out with Rachael once more, but we got  treated to a VIP experience with two of Australia’s leading publishers in the most idyllic setting surrounded by books and avid readers alike. In fact, days on from the event, I’m still in awe of what the guys at Harlequin Australia and Harper Collins managed to pull off.


Little secrets grow up to be big lies…

They’ve been best friends since their sons started high school together, and Felicity, Emma and Neve share everything … or so they thought.

But Flick’s seemingly perfect marriage hides a shocking secret which, with one word, threatens to destroy her and her family’s happiness. Emma is in denial about a potential custody battle, her financial constraints, the exhaustion she can’t seem to shake off and the inappropriate feelings she has for her boss. And single mum Neve is harbouring a secret of her own; a secret that might forever damage her close-knit relationship with her son.

When the tight hold they have each kept on their secrets for years begins to slip, they must face the truth. Even if that truth has the power to hurt the ones they love, and each other.

Perhaps some secrets weren’t made to be kept.

BLOG TOUR: ‘The Eagle’ By Jillian Dodd


Revenge won’t change anything—or will it?

The Eagle by Jillian Dodd NOW AVAILABLE!!

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:




Google Play:


From USA Today bestselling author Jillian Dodd comes the second book in a sizzling series filled with action and adventure. Fans of The Selection and The Hunger Games will discover a heart-pounding thrill ride of espionage and suspense set in glittering high society.

The world’s most deadly assassin, a man known only as The Priest, has come back from the dead to take a series of high profile hits. When the assassin completes his first task—shooting an important world leader, the global community goes into collective shock and his government vows retaliation.

With her cover firmly cemented as Huntley Von Allister, Spy Girl’s vacation on the Royal Yacht is cut short when she’s called home for her next mission—and, this time, it’s personal.

Can Huntley accomplish her mission before the next hit takes place?

And what will happen when she finally comes face-to-face with the man who killed her mother?




“No, Huntley, I did not.” He sighs. “Even though I was upset to learn the truth about you, I’m certainly not over you. And I could never offer you up to another man.”

A quick glance over the railing confirms that Daniel is still training in the pool a deck below. Knowing I won’t be overheard, I say, “I’m sorry, Lorenzo. If I weren’t who I am, if I didn’t have to do this—”

“Things would be different,” he says, finishing my sentence. “I know. I’m a King and you’re—you. It would never work.”


“But what if it could?” he asks.

“The only way it could is if one of us were willing to quit.”

“I can’t quit my country.”

“So you want me to quit?”

“I’m not sure. I have so many unanswered questions.”

“What were you told about me?”

“Very little. The man who called simply stated that your training and cover had taken years to put into place. He then requested I not tell a soul, for your personal safety.”

“Lorenzo, it’s one thing to know what I do. It’s another thing to have witnessed it.”

“While I will admit your talents are slightly unusual, it doesn’t make them any less spectacular.”

“You saw me kill people. I’m good at it.”

“And thank goodness that you are, or I’d be dead.”

“And I’m a liar.”

“I watched you work the crowd to perfection at both the Queen’s Garden Party and Her Majesty’s Royal Ball. Where I come from, we call that being diplomatic.”

I laugh out loud. “You almost make me feel like a normal girl.”

“Will you tell me how you ended up in this profession at such a young age?”

“Can I be honest with you?”

“Of course.”

“I’m not doing this for my country.”

“Good, then it will be easier to convince you to live in mine.”




Haven’t read this series yet?


Amazon US:

Amazon UK:




Google Play:

About The Author


Jillian is a USA TODAY bestselling author. She writes fun romances with characters her readers fall in love with, from the boy next door in the That Boy trilogy to the daughter of a famous actress in The Keatyn Chroniclesseries.

She’s married to her college sweetheart, has two adult children, two Labs named Cali and Camber, and lives in a small Florida beach town. When she’s not working, she likes to decorate, paint, doodle, shop for shoes, watch football, and go to the beach.





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NaNoWrimo: Are You Game?

With November fast approaching I thought it was about time I got my act together and started getting organised for this year’s NaNo attempt. So far said preparation isn’t going too well – but that’s because I can’t choose between two very different story ideas, so I’m doing a story ARC for both currently and hoping to choose one definitely prior to November 1.

For those who aren’t aware, NaNoWrimo, otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month, is a free challenge run every November where by participants challenge themselves to write a 50 000 word story in the space of 30 days. It averages out to be roughly 1667 words a day, which isn’t as scary sounding! While people tend to focus on the daily word goal, the main goal of the challenge is not only to get people writing, but to finish something as well. A point that is often forgotten in the mad panic to get one’s word count. I know I forget it just about every year!

If your thinking of joining in the crazy fun this year there’s only a couple of things you need to be aware of:

*The challenge runs from November 1st to November 30th. With winning validation starting from the 20th.

*The goal is to get a story from your head onto the page and the challenges only requirement is that you write. You are not to edit, or worry about grammar or anything but getting the words done. The rest is done in revisions at a later stage. November = writing words and that’s it.

*There are a number of well know books written during NaNo that after much editing, have been published! Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles were conceived during NaNo, as were some of Helene Young’s novels, and Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen is another. Other notable books include: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, Wool by Hugh Howey, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and the list goes on and on.

But mostly it’s a lot of fun. Completely free (with the option to donate to a fantastic cause where all money goes towards and you recieve weekly pep talks from some of the biggest names in the industry!

If your on the fence still, go and check out the NaNoWriMo website and join in the fun.

If you are participating this year, leave your username below in the comments and I’ll add you as a buddy on the site🙂