Let’s Talk Books With …

“Let’s Talk Books With…” is a little project of mine that I hope will become a regular feature here at The Never Ending Bookshelf. It’s a short and sweet interview between authors, bloggers and readers alike about their reading habits, book buying sprees and even how they organise their bookshelves. So far this feature has been proven popular with many readers and I am thrilled to be able to keep it going 🙂

If you’d like to take part in the new feature at some point in the future, I’d love to interview you and encourage you to email me at nevendbkshelf {@} gmail {dot} com or contact me via the blog’s facebook page. I’m always interested to hear from fellow book lovers so if your interested or willing, hit me up!

Below is a list of interviews conducted as part of this feature, so if you’ve got a spare few minutes, make sure you check them out.


“Let’s Talk Books With…”

*~*~ 2017 *~*~

March 3, 2017: Tea Cooper, Author of The Currency Lass

March 10, 2017: Amber Johnson (Reader)

March 17, 2017: Lauren Firminger, Author Of Three Words

March 24, 2017: Sarah Barrie, Author of the Promise of Hunters Ridge

March 31st, 2017: Sara Garrett, avid romance reader.

April 7, 2017:Jill Mackenzie, Avid Romance Reader and Lover of Dark Reads

June 16, 2017: Alyssa J. Montgomery, Author Of The Irredeemable Prince


*~*~ 2016 *~*~

February 5, 2016: Cheryl Adnams, Author of ‘Bet On It’ (+ Giveaway)

February 11,2016: Kell from Kell’s Bookmark Clique, and Sydney Author Event Organiser

February 19, 2016: Kristine From Glass Paper Ink (Blogger) and Sydney Author Event (SAE) Organiser

February 26, 2016: Brenda May – Avid read and writer

March 4, 2016: Susanne Bellamy, Author of Second Chance Love

March 11, 2016: Amanda from The Book Harlots Review & The Sydney Author Event (SAE)

March 18, 2016:  Ryn, Founder of The Sydney Author Event, Book Editor and Reader Extraordinaire

March 25, 2016: Dean Mayes, Author of The Recipient

April 1, 2016: Jess Anderson-Moon, Avid Reader

April 8, 2016: Alli Sinclair, Author of Luna Tango

April 15, 2016: Tash Drake from Book Lit Love (Blogger)

April 22, 2016: Jacque Duffy, Author of ‘ANZAC: The Story of a Little Goat’

April 29, 2016: Susan Child, Author of More Than Friends

May 6th, 2016: Nicola Muller – Avid reader, aspiring author and founder of Wordledger

May 13th, 2016: Amanda Knight, Aspiring Author

May 20th, 2016: Monique McDonell, Author of Any Way You Plan It

May 27th, 2016: Karly Lane, Author of Second Chance Town

June 3rd, 2016: Rachel Grace Micallef from The Rest Is Still Unwritten (Blogger)

June 10, 2016: Rachael Johns, Author Of Outback Sisters

June 24, 2016: Stacy T:Singer-Songwriter, Actress, Picture Book Author & Founder Of The Scallwagz.

July 1st, 2016: Annie West, Author of The Flaw In Raffaele’s Revenge

July 8, 2016: Kerrie Paterson, Author of Return To Jacaranda Avenue

July 15, 2016: Jenn J McLeod, Author of The Other Side Of The Season

July 22, 2016: Pamela Hart/Freeman , Author of The War Bride

July 29, 2016: Ainslie Paton, Author of Damaged Goods

August 5, 2016: Bronwyn Parry, Author of Sunset Shadow (Goodabri Bk 3)

August 19, 2016:  Dianna Blacklock, Author Of The Secret Ingredient

September 2nd, 2016: Leanne, A Devoted Romance Reader

September 9th, 2016: Laura Bloom, Author Of The Cleanskin

September 16, 2016: Kim Kelly, Author of Jewel Sea

September 23rd, 2016: Kate D, An Avid Romance Reader

September 30th, 2016: Maddie Jane, Author of A Backpack And A Red Dress

October 7th, 2016: Tracy from The Pages In Between (Book Blogger)

October 14, 2016: Adrian Simon, Author Of Milk-Blood: Growing Up The Son Of A Convicted Drug Trafficker.

October 21st, 2016: K.A. Sterritt, Author of Impact

October 28th, 2016: Polly McGee, Author of Dogs of India



*~*~ 2015 *~*~

February 13, 2015: Stacey Nash, Author of Forget Me Not

February 20, 2015: Elizabeth Krall, Author Of In Your Sights

March 20, 2015: Tarran Jones, Author Of All That Glitters

April 3, 2015: Shelleyrae From Book’d Out

May 6th, 2015: Georgia Madden, Author of Confessions Of A Once Fashionable Mum

May 10th, 2015: My Mum (Readers) – Mother’s Day Special Edition

August 14, 2015: Dympna from Dympna’s Book Blog (Blogger)

October 9, 2015: Emma Fitzgerald, Author of Oceans Apart

October 16, 2015: Len Klumpp, An Avid Supporter (And Reader) of Romance Writers


*~*~ 2014 *~*~

February 1, 2014: Jess (aka me!) from The Never Ending Bookshelf.

February 28, 2014:  Monique From Write Note Reviews

March 1, 2014: Natalie Gayle, Author of Finding Trust & Finding Judgement

March 3, 2014: Rhian Cahill, Author of Catch ‘n’ Kiss

March 6, 2014: Lauren Dawes, Author of The Helheim Wolf Pack Series

March 10, 2014: Megan Keith, Author Of Finding My Way Series

March 13, 2014: Nicole R. Taylor, Author Of The Devil’s Tattoo

March 17, 2014: K.M.Golland, Author Of The Temptation Series

March 19, 2014: Rachel Brookes, Author Of The  Breathe Series

March 21, 2014: Michelle Congdon, Author of Slide

April 1, 2014: Allyce from What I Like & Why You Should Too

April 29, 2014: Amy from Lost In A Good Book

May 16, 2014: Jo Raven, Author Of Asher (Inked Brotherhood Series)

May 25, 2014: Whitney K.E, Author of What Happens In Ireland and Deceive Me In Ireland

June 9, 2014: Jennifer Ryder, Author of Spark and Spike

June 13, 2014: Susan Kelly, Fellow Reader and Aspiring Author

June 19, 2014: Stephanie Smith, Author of Wherever You Will Go

July 4, 2014: Jane Carter, Author of High Country Secrets

July 11, 2014: Brenda Telford from Aussie Readers on Goodreads (Reader)

July 18, 2014: Melissa Wray from Dream Big… Read Often

August 1, 2014: Suzie from Suzs-Space

August 8, 2014: Lee Christine, Author of In Safe Hands and In Safe Arms

September 4, 2014: Juliet Madison, Author of Haunted Ever After

September 12, 2014: Juliet M Sampson, Author of Behind The Mask and Bon Voyage

December 12, 2014: Michelle Irwin, Author Of Happily Evan After


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