REVIEW: Love’s Fun by Karen Deen (Time For Love, Book 4)

Published: 8th March 2019

Publisher: Self Published

Pages: 278

Format: Ebook for review and paperback purchased at Books By The Bridge

RRP: $1.41 (AUD on Amazon AUD or $0.99 USD)/  (paperback was $10)

4/5 Stars

Love’s fun … until it’s not

First meeting I managed six words
Didn’t stop him looking
The next time there was a few more
Didn’t stop him touching
Third time gets easier
But it didn’t stop her looking or touching him
Luckily fourth time his words flowed, convincing me it’s not as it seems

She wanted him
But he wanted me
I’ll fight for what’s mine

You look back and say there is that one day when your story changed.
For me there are two.

The day I met Alesha.
Her eyes, that timid smile, the nervousness.
No woman before even comes close
The one I didn’t know I needed

Then there is that other day
The one that changed everything in a way I couldn’t control.
I promised to always protect her
Instead I introduced her to my hell
Now only she can save me

Despite being book four in an established series, Love’s Fun by Karen Deen is the first book I’ve read by this author. Coming highly recommended by a close friend, I was both intrigued and a little dubious about jumping into a series at book four; however,  I was assured that this book could be read as a stand alone within the series, and am happy to report that was indeed the case.

Insta-love really isn’t my kind of thing, so when I started this book and realised that featured heavily, I was admittedly a bit worried about how the book would continue for me. I’m not the type of reader to be instantly swayed by a hero’s supposed out of this worlds good looks, or even someone in real life. I want connection, chemistry and something real and tangible. So Xavier’s smug attitude and the long descriptions about how panty-dropping hot he was, did little for me. I could see his intrigue, and I admired how forward he was in knowing what he wanted and how to effectively go about getting it while still thinking of Alesha’s feelings. I got his interest, I really did. He just moved from like zero to two hundred in a blink of an eye and it left me reeling somewhat. That said, as the book progressed, the depth of Xavier’s true character was revealed and he was no long some Greek Adonis, but a living, breathing hero fighting for what he couldn’t live without: Alesha.

Alesha on the other hand, I instantly connected with her on some bone deep, soul bearing level that I wasn’t expecting. She was shy, scared of doing the wrong thing and a massive book lover, there really wasn’t much not to love! I enjoyed her take on the world, and found myself nodding my head energetically more often than not with some of her statements. Not going to lie, I laughed out loud at one point, and even started talking to the book … in public … as I agreed with her so much! I just … gah… I just got her. In a world of raunchy reads, overly confident super-model heroines who snap there fingers and get everything they have ever wanted, Alesha was a breath of fresh air that I’ve been waiting a while to find. For some she will be too naive and innocent, but I know so many women like her in real life and I can not thank Karen Deen enough  for representing them on the page, hell, for shinning the spotlight on their own brilliance and giving them a chance to shine in a romance that everyone can devour.

If I had to be picky, the writing wasn’t flawless; there were areas that I felt could have been tighter, and passages that seemed a bit too repetitive for my own personal tastes, but as a whole, I really enjoyed the novel and devoured it practically in one sitting. Her characters were larger than life, and yet still remained true to the essence of people we meet everyday in real life. The plot was well sustained, quick moving, and held elements of romantic suspense, mystery, intrigue and bucket loads of sizzling sexual chemistry. There is a good dash of angst (the title alludes to it) that felt real and honest, and not over played as I’ve come to recognise in a lot of romances lately.

If you’re like me, and haven’t read one of Karen Deen’s books before, why not give Love’s Fun a go. The romance is sweet and scorching at the same time, and although the book gives subtle hints and mentions to previous books, you don’t feel out of sorts by starting with book four. Sometimes it pays off to be a rebel. That said, I’m now eager to dive into the first three books and fall in love all over again.

Love’s Fun is an intense, but fun read. Your inner romantic will devour this book full of hot personal trainers, and introverted characters who prefer to sit at home reading the same books that you love to read over socialising in big groups and nights on the town. It’s fast paced, sweet, with a touch of wickedness thrown in for good measure. It’s the type of book bound to leave a smile on your face and butterflies in your stomach long after reading.


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