REVIEW: Egg Hunting We Will Go! by Jay Laga’aia & Illustrated by Kim Flemming

Published: 1st March 2016

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Pages: 24

Format: Hardcover Picture Book

RRP: $19.99

5/5 Stars

Egg hunting we will go! Egg hunting we will go! Use your eyes to find the surprise! Egg hunting we will go!

What surprises can you spy along the way?

Egg Hunting We Will Go is probably the most unique Easter book that I’ve read in 2016. Following in the same vain as, and almost like a modern festive take on, the much loved We’re Going On A Bear Hunt, Jay Laga’aia and Kim Flemming (illustrator) have created a new children’s classic for Easter!

Four friends set out on an epic adventure to find the Easter Bunny. But on the way they come face to face with eggs and obstacles of a different kind – new born baby animals! Baby chickens, owls, snakes* and crocodiles are just a few of the animals encounter.

Egg hunting we will go!

Egg hunting we will go!

To find eggs, we’ll use our heads!

Egg hunting we will go!

Simply put this is the most stunning Easter book of the year. While Jay Laga’aia’s narrative and lyrics is fun and quirky, it’s Kim Flemming’s illustrations that tip this book over the edge. Bold and bright, Flemming held nothing back with this book. Featuring bright pastel colours and full double page illustrations, this book is not only eye catching but it’s a ton of fun too! The illustrations are so stunning that you won’t mind reading the book over and over to your child this Easter.

What I loved most about this particular Easter book was the simply face that it wasn’t solely based on Easter and the Easter Bunny and thus chocolate by association. Although all of that is in there, it’s also equally about friendship, love and new life.

Egg hunting we will go!

Egg hunting we will go!

In the end we found a friend!

Egg hunting we will go!

Easter time with friends is fine

Egg hunting we will go!

Thus this narrative incorporates all aspects of the modern ideals of Easter through baby chicks hatching, friendship and life’s journey’s as the children travel through a magical Wonderland-ish door that transports them to the Easter Bunny’s garden.

Come in! Come in! The bunny grinned.

Everyone sit down!

For what is Easter without eggs

and friends to share them round!

With it’s bright purple cover, this book is not only eye catching, but it’s heart warming too. Filled with beautiful illustrations and accompanied by catchy narration – and a cd with the song included this is the Easter book that you must buy this year!

* Don’t be scared by the inclusion of the snake, the book does warn kids about staying away from them.


To purchase a copy of the book, visit the following online retailers:

ABC Shop |Booktopia | Book Depository |


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