September Reading Challenges

After taking part in the 24in48 readathon challenge in July, I’ve been actively looking for more unique and varied reading challenges that I can incorporate into my reading schedule and blog life.

For the month of September, I’ve selected three reading challenges to participate in, on top of the three I already do annually (goodreads, Australian Women Writers Challenge and my own bingo card).

The three I’ve selected for this month are:

Sequel September

Sequel September is hosted by Books and Munchies and its essentially a month where you read as many sequels as you like. As I’ve started a bunch of books and are yet to finish their series, I thought this challenge was perfect.

In September I’m aiming to read:



Nameathon is hosted by Under The Covers Book Reviews and Ideally Inspired Reviews and it’s running from the 16th to the 22nd September.

This readathon has you creating a TBR based on the letters in your name using the below infographic.

My blog name is way too long for a readathon based in this time period, so I’m using JESS.

J = Quiet one gets the boy/girl

E= Enemies-to-lovers

S= Rom-com

S= Red Cover

I’m not entirely sure what books I’m using for these prompts yet, but it looks fun!


Popularthon is hosted by  @kitkatscanread, @kafweenstrail and @Imagineamalee. The readathon goes the duration of the month )1-30th September).

The group book for September is Scythe by Neal Schusterman.


Obviously, that’s a tonne of books I NEED to read this month, but I’m hoping to use particular books for more than one title. I.e Scythe could classify as the popularathon’s group book + Nameathon’s red book etc … at least that’s the plan 🙂

Are you taking part in any reading challenges this month?


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