22 in 2022

Much like last year with my 21 in 2021, this year I am challenging myself to read 22 specific novels in 2022. However, unlike last year, I WILL read all the books this time around, instead of only reading 5 of them #wedonttalkaboutlastyear.

The 22 books I chose for my list this year are all books that were part of my owned TBR prior to the start of 2022. There is a mix of non-fiction, romance (obviously!), literary fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, classics and I think one of them might be a thriller, but I’m not a hundred percent on that one.

To make sure I don’t repeat the mistakes of 2021, I’ve included my 22 in 2022 list as part of my monthly TBR prompts whereby I will be picking a title out of the TBR jar each month.

So fingers crossed by the time Blogmas rolls around this December, I will FINALLY be able to report that I smashed this goal and have read all 22 books (…yes I know this will require me to pick up at least ten of the books on my own throughout the year, but it’s doable).

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