2022 Reading Challenges

I told myself I wanted a low-key reading year in 2022. As I’m still learning how to effectively manage my chronic pain and hand injury, I didn’t want to stress about reading goals and blogging aspirations as we all know I fell off the band wagon the last few years when everything became a bit too much.

…and then I set up my 2022 reading bullet journal and got so excited by books and reading challenges, that I’ve once again taken on too much. In total I have five book challenges that I want to priotise this year, and three that I’m going to organically try and compete. The list below is alphabetical.

Reading Challenge:

As you would be aware from my 2022 reading Goals & Blogging Aspirations post that went live yesterday, I am once again challenging myself to read at least 100 books this year. On Goodreads, I’ve set this goal initially at 80 books as per tradition (because I HATE how judgey Goodreads is), but I’ve got Storygraph set at 100 books already.

This is my main book challenge for 2022, and yet one I wish to organically hit as well.

Amplify’s Reading Challenge 2022

Amplify Bookstore is a Melbourne based, online bookstore that seeks to diversify your reading and promote diverse reads to help end the publishing bias that likes to exclude representation and BIPOC authors. They run their own Amplify Diversity reading challenge consisting of thirteen reading prompts that can be found here on Storygraph.

I’m eargerly looking forward to this challenge and it’s one of my priority reading challenges of 2022.

A-Z Reading Challenge:

As the name suggests this challenge is simply to read at aleast one book starting with every letter of the alpahabet. I’ve never actively wanted to particpate in this challenge before, but something about 2022 told me to give it a go. It’s not something I’m going to go out of the way to complete, but rather I want to see if I can organically read the alaphabet in 2022.

This challenge is one I’m hoping to organically complete with hopefully not too much focus on that actual challenge.

Beat The Backlist 2022 Reading Challenge

Beat the Backlist is hosted by Austine Decker/Novel Knight and is designed to get you reading your backlist books, i.e any books released from the year 2022. As someone who wants to priotise many of owned TBR this year, this is the perfect reading challenge for me. I’ve printed out a copy of their Bingo board to add to my reading journal and have printed out a secondary prompt list to create a TBR PROMPT jar for the challenge that will help me choose my 2022 monthly TBR’s.

This challenge is one of my priotised reading challenges for 2022.

Disney Princess Reading Challenge 2022

I love DISNEY, so this reading challenge hosted by @bookish92 on storygraph was a no brainer; I was defintely doing this one. There are thirteen prompts inspired by the Disney Princesses and I think this challenge will be a lot of fun.

This is my final main challenge, with the prompts being included in my monthly TBR.

Faiytale Reading Challenge 2022

This challenge is being hosted by @CharityRau and the goal is simply read a book relating to each the fairytale characters for the month. Charity’s website suggests possibly watching the movie as well as reading the book, and that sounds like a lot of fun.

As we can see from this post, I’ve bitten off way too much when it comes to reading challenges this year, so this is a challenge I’m hoping to organically mark off throughout the year. I’m not aiming to hit all the prompts, but if I get 3-5 of them I will be happy.

Romance Reading Challenge #loversbetweencoversreads22

This Romance Reading Challenge is hosted by Allthebooksandchocolateafterdark and it honestly looks epic. This challenge consists of 36 reading challenges and it’s totally up to you how you read and complete the challenges. I’ve printed out the bingo board and taped it into my reading journal and have the prompts also added to a monthly TBR jar to help me choose my reads for the month.

This challenge is one of my main reading challenges for 2022.

She Reads Romance Books Reading Challenge

This challenge was created and hosted by @Shereadsromancebooks and consists of one prompt for each of the twelve months of the year. Most of these categories are romantic sub-genres, so it’s a vague reading challenge, making it perfect and easy to hopefully merge with books chosen on my monthly TBRs.

This is a reading challenge I would like to organically hit and combine with other reading challenges throughout the year.

Year of Smut Reading Challenge

I love Emilie @Ratetheromance’s bookstagram account and participated in her reading challenge last year; seriously if you love romance and don’t follow her already, you really need to pronto! As the title of this reading challenge suggests, the idea is to challenge yourself to read books outside of your comfort zone, diversify your reading and introduce you to some new-to-you authors.

Unlike last year, where Emilie ran one super big bingo board for the entire year, she has chosen to split the 2022 reading challenge into four distinct quarters (i.e. one every three months), releasing a new bingo board each quarter and there are prizes up for grabs this year as well.

As a romance lover, this is a priority reading challenge for me in 2022.

Let me know what reading challenges you are taking part in 2022?

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